Audio issues with speaker and headphones


Can you hear it..??
Hi folks,

Off late I'm experiencing this problem where when I insert the headphone or speaker pins to the respective ports on my laptop, the sound goes missing or turns sufficiently pale as if a major chunk of the audio has been cut off and I am hearing it from a far distance. When I apply force under the pin near to the port by pressing the wire upwards the issue gets solved. Initially it was once in a while issue but now it happens every time. Any idea how to deal with the problem?


Cyborg Agent
Try different pairs of speakers/Headphones else RMA or buy a new usb sound card u can find on @100 at ebay


Broken In
As per my opinion its the problem with the ports connectivity better u check it by changing the headsets or the connection ports of the most i think its nothing other than just a loose contact of the wires or ports..................


Human Spambot
Try with different speakers, headphones which were working properly on other machines. If you are experiencing the same problem with those devices as well, then it should be the faulty audio port. Get your laptop serviced.


Cyborg Agent
It's almost certainly a mechanical problem with the audio output jack socket. The construction of such sockets are rather flimsy, especially the contact springs. Those things are not really springs, but small pieces of metal that press against the plug at the proper contact points when it is inserted.

With repeated insertion and removal of the plug, the contact pieces in the socket press less and less firmly against the plug due to metal fatigue. This results in improper contacts. It happens with desktops too.

The principle is not hard to understand, but repairing it is another matter. It should be attempted only by a skilled technician.
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