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Respected Sir,
I am Raj from visakhaptnam Age 20 ,i have doubt where can apply for game tester job and earn money,,i have that even heared that many people are earning bucks thru that,,so i think i the best player of visakhpatnam,,i play tekken5 senior player...so digit team please help me...i want to be a game tester so where can i apply ...reply me


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There are two stages of game testing
beta testing and alpha testing

for beta testing, usually there is an invited or uninvited but in either case limited group of people who get access to testing builds of the game, and are required to give feed back on bugs and iron out the gameplay mechanics. Usually the best and biggest companies have loads of people dying to get beta invites, with most anticipated titles having waiting lists for invites

alpha testing is done within the company and before the beta. This is not like playing a normal game, you might have to do lots of things without say interface screens, all the in game text being gibberish, the textures and models being dummies... and so many bugs that logging bugs and pinning down issues is more of the job than actually playing the game. Isolating, reproducing, logging, and fixing are all part of the "testers" job, and this is very much a part of the game development process

so your best bet is to get into it from the technical side
good luck


you are looking forward to" money making thing" instead of feeding your passion for games..this wont work...search for your passion..money will find you!!!


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gaming hasnt "clicked" here yet, but Indiagames is one company that made it to DEVELOP 100: THE WORLD'S MOST SUCCESSFUL GAME STUDIOS, their forte is web and mobile, even Rovio is not on that list, so they must be doing something right... still gave competition to the consoles as well...

there are many other fledgling gaming studios but mostly the focus is casual / web / mobile games

to do it on a professional level you need a professional certificate, this is available as part time courses as well, maybe you can pursue this along with your education. You can go via the mobile route and learn application programming or go via the design route and learn game design with 3D, game engines and game related scripting. Once either of these are done you can approach studios for internships.

there are intensive / full time courses available as well

you cant really sit at home and play games and earn money maybe you can look to "review" instead of "test"


not to discourage you, but game testing is a very monotonous and frustrating job.. if you are thinking, its going to be like the experience which you have at home/ cafe, then thats far from the truth.

The 'big money' is also a farfetched dream and only testing experts (8-10 yrs domain and technical exp) get paid the big bucks. Also the money is good only in game development testing. There is little or no pay in post development alpha/ beta testing.

from a career prospective also, there is very marginal growth compared to other industries. After a few years, you will see your peers doing much better in their respective fields and will regret taking this descision of going into testing

If you are truly passionate about this field, then i suggest you pursue some professional education. There are a few good colleges in India with offer bachelors and masters degree in game development and testing. However the best institutes are all abroad.

In india this industry is still in its very nacent stages, and it is still adviced to pursue gaming as a hobby rather than a career.


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