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  1. bajaj151

    Suggest 32' LED Full HD (NO 3D)

    I am looking for 32' LED full HD Please suggest best among all.. Budget : Not applicable
  2. sam9953

    Need to buy a phone under 30K

    Hi guys, I am going to have my exams from 12th to 24th and I am planning to buy a new phone right after my exams end. Below are the specifications for the phone I want: 1) At least 4 inch screen size, Android OS, 8 mp camera preferable (5mp will also work), latest android version 2) If it...
  3. T

    SSD Buying. Warranty Query

    Well Dad is getting a SSD for me from Germany. If I buy Intel One will the warranty be applicable here in India and what about other brands.
  4. R

    LG Optimus Black at 16700 at yebhi

    Hi guys, with the discount code PC1620948BAF you can get optimus black at 16700.. it is a good diwali deal .. coupon applicable for other mobile as well.. samsung galaxy i9003 also at 15700. Happy Diwali to all of you :)
  5. blademast3r

    Frontech Cherry cabby+Zebronics Platinum 500w PSU+DVD writer@2k

    Hey guys Gonna upgrade my cabby and stuff My old cabby is frontech cherry ATX black with two 80mm side fans Zebronics Platinum PSU 500w with blue LED Samsung DVD writer white all used for only about a yr.. Problems : Cabby and PSU work 100% DVD drive has a few probs with opening. If...
  6. prabhu.wali

    isp change

    m currently usin bsnl 500c++ n it totally sucks m thinking o for opting airtel impatience 899,does it include landline rentals n if any other applicable charges, n wot is the avg download speed??
  7. C

    HDD 160Gb Seagate 4 years warranty

    Seagate 160Gb Sata 2---ST3160215AS Single platter 4 years warranty 1500 Shipped Excellent Condition Like New.No bad sectors.Seagate Warranty Applicable by serial number for 4 years Approx.
  8. gary4gar

    BSNL decided to introduce Annual fixed charges plan for Landline/WLL Service

    http://www.bsnl.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=412 nice
  9. J

    Help me

    I have change my broadband plane 250 Home to 900 Home UL which is applicable from 1-04-2008.But in the portal windows the the service doesn't change to Home900UL.
  10. Ganeshkumar

    Can I Buy 1 Vista n Install it in my both PC& Laptop?

    Hi Will it be a genuine if i install the Vista on my Pc, which i got it for laptop...? Will there be any problem if i run same copy of vista on two systems?? Is it applicable for other Softwares also..? I have CA Internet Security suite.. How many installations can be made from Vista...
  11. A

    MTNL triband @ 2mbps

    mtnl upgrade there costomer from 256kbps to 2mbps but there is no speed boost i ask 1504 they say there is some technical problem also mtnl is not maximize free download limits and it not applicable for unlimited plan then what is use of 2mbps?? write ur own feedback about mtnl upgrade.
  12. A

    Sites Blocked

    Early News came as late news on Digit Jan issue The point is on the amount of sites; your allowed to browse in the middle east is only a hardly a few. Its no only applicable in UAE; its applicable throught the GCC. You are not allowedto view any religious violation sites, pornographic...
  13. mohit sharma

    nokia warranty ?????

    i had a nokia 2112 bough 4 months ago only , and therefore still in warrenty period , today it's charger ( supplied with it ) got some problem and is not working !! i want to ask does warrenty is also applicable to charger that comes along with mobile ??? please tell me as i am in great...
  14. kumarmohit

    Shipping charges

    Guys Can anyone tell me that if I order 2 copies of Windows Xp64bit edition trial CD how many rupees will i have to pay for shipping and handling charges and import duties and whatever else is applicable....???
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