1. P

    Black screen on win 7 boot

    acer aspire latop with 4 GB ram , 1 GB graphics, 500 GB HDD. Black screen appears on startup. Tried the following to bring back the system to life :- 1) Used bootable windows 7 flash drive. Outcome : the system is stuck at windows logo 2) Used bootable ubuntu flash drive (took more than...
  2. Jim Kirk

    Hindi Website on Blogger ?

    I am currently working on a blog which I have created on Blogger. The articles which I paste from my word file on blogger are in hindi language, so when I paste them I appears correctly to me. But when i check my website on some other PC. Instead of hindi, some unknown characters appears on my...
  3. sling-shot

    Firefox shows websites differently on Windows and Linux

    I dual boot Windows XP and various Linux distributions (preferred PCLinuxOS) I have always seen that the same website appears more cramped for room when viewed in Linux. The menu bars displayed by most websites appear stretched into 2 lines in Linux while the same appears fine on Windows. The...
  4. Zangetsu

    Nikon D3100 focus Issue

    Hi Guys, for last few days I am experiencing this Issue (if it is or not) whenever I switch on or click to capture..the Default Kit Lens (motor) makes some (very tiny) noise and adjust the ViewFinder (not the LCD) in zig zag motion (x/y axis) and the screen appears to be does the...
  5. A

    NMIMS' Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

    Anyone know how is this college? It appears to have a good tag and decent placements; but I am a wee bit worried about it's credentials. It appears to be affiliated to deemed university of NMIMS; has UGC approval but I can't see anything about AICTE. Has anyone studied here, is the UGC...
  6. aal-ok

    pop t2t 3d analyze

    when i run prince of persia the two thrones loading screen appears and then profile select screen but all of it appears in boxes and it freezes and i have to restart my pc when i ran it using 3d analyze and with swift shader it crashes my pc specs ram:768mb hdd: 80 gb seagate barracuda...
  7. flyingcow

    Netbook booting problem

    Hello guys, I own an acer aspire one notebook which used to work perfectly before 7-8 months, but then it didnt start up, kept rebooting. So I let it lie in my cupboard for a few months and now I did a research on what happened so here it its- 1.After the POST black screen appears to start...
  8. M

    internet explorer 7/8/9 not supported on this operating system

    I use genuine windows 7. however,sometime back,I had deleted the internet explorer 7. Now I am not able to install,none of the IE versions. during the installation process,the above message appears. what is the solution if any?a google search has not helped much.
  9. A

    Hard disk not detected!

    I was using one of my hard disk until yesterday afternoon and decided to take a break, in the evening I installed my newly bought graphics card and booted up the pc, initially my 2nd hard disk and my DVD Rom did not show up, after trying all available combinations, I got the DVD writer to work...
  10. sanny16

    not able to remove the errors on the desktop after reboot

    I once installed white smoke demo when it got expired i removed it partially by not clicking on restart now option. Today that option came(restart now) so i clicked yes and my pc rebooted and again that dialog box appears. Plus there are two text files opening i do not know why. How do i fix...
  11. mohityadavx

    Jscript working in chrome not in Firefox,IE

    Hey! I am having a strange problem here * Now in this page if you select prepayment penalty as "Penalty" a textbox appears in chrome however this isn't happening in firefox, IE. How could I resolve it. Plz Help!
  12. S

    Lumia 701

    I am seriously considering to buy lumia 701. It appears it lacks gyroscope. What exactly does a gyroscope do?
  13. gdebojyoti

    Problem with horizontal bar in HTML-CSS

    I wanted to create a horizontal bar at the top of my HTML web page. I used the following code for that: <html> <body> <div style="width:100%; height:40px; background-color:olive; margin: 0 0 0 0;" align="center"> Hello </div> </body> </html> But a white space appears all...
  14. ud0103

    Problem with chrome

    Every time I right click a link in my up-to-date chrome browser to download a file, the pop-up of attached window screen shot appears. So, does anyone know what it means and what can I do to stop this? I'll be very thankful...
  15. socrates

    Nokia 900 appears on a promo video, looks the part

    Nokia 900 appears on a promo video, looks the part - news
  16. J

    Trouble with modem.

    Okay a friend of mine has this modem(given by BSNL),and a weird problem is cropping up. there are 4 led's on it,and the "PC/USB" led glows during startup but as soon as the logon screen(win xp) appears the "PC/USB" led turns off. He can't connect to the internet(obviously). Any ideas on what...
  17. G

    Help!! My monitor's display fogged out....

    Hello techies, Recently, my monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 591s) has got a problem with the display. The screen appears to be fogged out. I mean, it is too much brighter than earlier and screen appears to be washed out! But the brightness n contrast settings are same as earlier. I did not change...
  18. B

    jQuery Datepicker create event does not work?

    I would like to access the create call back function. So far no luck. It appears the function is not getting executed. Any ideas where I may be going wrong?
  19. yogeshm.007

    UPS malfunctioning; what to do?

    Hi, I have an old Wipro UPS (purchased in the year 2003) which has started malfunctioning i.e. it only stays live for 2-3 seconds in case of power cut. It appears that its battery has given up, otherwise it has served me well for the last many years. I need your advice whether to get its...
  20. Kishal

    opera doesnt uninstall

    i used chrome till now but i found opera 11 to be better. so i thought of installing it. but i found that i had opera 9.25 previously installed on my pc. i uninstalled it but it still appears in the programs list. it doesnt uninstall as well. on uninstalling, a popup appears asking for a file...
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