1. S

    ZTE MF29 External Antenna

    Dear guys, I have a ZTE MF29 Airtel modem.i need external antenna to connect it.can anyone tell which antenna support it or antenna specification.
  2. Ricky

    Anyone here with long range wifi networking exprience

    I am looking to connect two place roughly at distance of 2 km (lesser may be), I can achieve line of sight between two however, I want to know what equipment should I use ? I don't want to experiment so seeking advice here. Should I look for AP with POE or go for AP with external antenna...
  3. Gollum

    YAMAHA HTR 3067 with NS P40 Speaker Package Unboxing

    Yamaha HTR 3067 INR28000 Box contains AV Revceiver Remote Loop Antenna YPAO Speaker calibration Mic AM Antenna cable User Guide CD The Remote The receiver The receiver Back NS P40 Speaker Package - INR18400 Neatly packed in the box Bass Reflex Satellite...
  4. Y

    how to know antenna capacity of w8968?

    Hi as you guys have suggested I have purchased w8968 from Amazon @1648 and it's version 3.0. I haven't unboxed it yet.i just wanted to confirm Whether it's antenna capacity is 5dbi or not. Is it possible to know without unboxing it as it's not written on the box. imgur: the simple image sharer
  5. kg11sgbg

    Utility of 10 dBi wireless wifi antenna

    I had purchased a 10dBi wireless wifi High Gain Booster WLAN RP-SMA Omni directional antenna from ebay. Now can I use this with Tp-Link TD-W8951ND 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2 Modem/Router,by opening up the default stock 5dBi antenna and attach the 10dBi one? What will be the utility? I mean...
  6. @

    Whats the antenna spec of Asus RT N14U

    I googled, but no help. All I could find was it has two internal antennas, but no info about how much dBi it is. Even here know the antenna spec?
  7. M


    Hey guys.....just bought a TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router...........:-):-):-):-) from flipkart : TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router - TP-LINK: they delivered it in around 2 days.....the main purpose of buying this was to share my mtsblaze usb data card...
  8. T

    FM Antenna Problem

    This might seem a bit funny, but I have an old FM Stereo Speaker set which mysteriously stopped receiving fm broadcasts. So, there are 2 jacks at the back: 45 ohm antenna Ground I got a really long insulated wire (just a simple stranded wire). The problem is all the set picks up is just...
  9. patkim

    help me choose between TPLink MR3020 and MR 3220

    Hi.. am likely to buy a 3G Router and have shortlisted these two MR 3220 & MR 3020 from TP Link. Both are N150 & specs indicate compatibility with my Tata photon huawei EC156. While I personally liked 3020 as it's compact and like a travel companion, it has internal antenna. If anyone has...
  10. Nanducob

    Cell Phone Antenna Signal Booster

    Anybody here using it?will it work? Have only 1 bar in phone at home. Cell Phone Antenna Signal Booster + Cogent Anti Radiation Mobile Chip | eBay
  11. K

    Question about Routers range

    Hi. I was finally thinking of replacing my beetel 450bxi I got with my airtel connection years back. Was going through the suggestions and zeroed in on the TP- Link W8968.. but I've been reading that there are two hardware versions of it.. the V1 has 2x3dbi antenna. I can't seem to find TP Link...
  12. A

    Problem in new BSNL MODEM

    Hi guys i just brought a new BB 650UL connection. Brought Teracom Wi Fi modem TDSL300 from BSNL (i was NOOB). It getting warm after 2-3 hrs is that ok. No disconnection/broken link though. My another tension is that it doesnt has ANTENNA. is this matters. I didnt get any problem surfing the...
  13. mitraark

    Router for home PC/laptop/mobiles,budget 1-1.5k

    Hello everyone. I have a Wishnet internet connection, it is the interner service provided by the cable operator in our area.They directly get you an RJ-45 line from the pole which you connect to your PC, set an IP, login through their client, and connect to internet. I want to share the...
  14. 1

    How to install high gain 22dbi anteena on routers

    Hello Friends, I just bought 22DBi high gain antenna's. I attached it to my Tenda N150 wifi router which has a detachable antenna, Signal did not improve, i tested it on internal Dlink wifi card there it improved the signal strength. then i tested it on different routers but no improvement...
  15. P

    dlink 2750u vs tplink 8961nd vs asus n10

    i am looking for wifi connectivity at my place & a substitute for my existing beetel modem. i have shortlisted the following modems dlink 2750u tplink 8961nd (3db dual antenna) asus n10 (5db single antenna) which one is best value for money & which one will give me the best wifi connectivity...
  16. A

    Wifi Router advice

    I require a Wi-fi router (already have Airtel 220 BX ADSL2+modem) the pre-requisite expected in the router are as follows: 1) It should have a range of at least 75 feet with continues strong signal 2) Should have USB port. 3) Has provision of detachable antenna. Incase I need to install an...
  17. Adhip007

    A wireless router (detachable antena) with USB port in it

    Hi, My friend is looking for a Wireless Router to connect A PC (Wired), 1 Lappy, 2 mobile and one PS3. His priorities are; 1. Detachable antenna OR 7dbi Built-in Antenna 2. 150mbps 3. USB connectivity for devices like external hard disc or printer. (optional) Do let me know if you...
  18. K

    Internal Antenna V/S External Antenna in a Router ?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to understand is having a Internal Antenna in a Router considered better or having External Antenna more better ? Does having External Antenna give better speeds or something beacuse you can redirect in the position where you think the signal is weaker ? Thanks...
  19. zacfx05

    [For Sale] Alfa awus036h luxury long-range usb adapter exclusive for x-concepts

    ALFA AWUS036H LUXURY LONG-RANGE USB ADAPTER EXCLUSIVE FOR X-CONCEPTS Model number and url : ALFA AWUS036H, ALFA Network – WLAN, WiFi phone, ADSL, KVM, Bluetooth, PoE Products -- AWUS036H (Upgrade to 1Watt) Date of Purchase: JUNE 2012 Reason for Sale: NOT USING...
  20. panacea_amc

    3G usb dongle querry:::

    hello, i own a beetel 3G usb dongle (zte mf 190). it doesnt come with a port for external antenna. Recently, i am having poor 3G connectivity in my room. but in the terrace above my room, the signal strength is excellent. so, i am opting to buy a 3G usb dongle with a port for external...
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