Where can I sell my old m/b & Processor

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Right off the assembly line
I own a PIII 733Mhz Proc., FIC Intel 815 Chipset board, Nvidia Geforce4 MX440 64mb card. I wnat to sell this away in order to upgrade my pc.
So please can someone advice me where can I sell this ( either online or in hyderabad) old stuff and how much amount can I get for this.


Y dont u chk out local dealers in HYD. Since u wil b upgrading ur PC, if u r planning to get it assembed and not assemble it urself, u can always offer it to dat guy/gal provided they r working. Assemblers here refurbish these computers and sell them 2 shops and businesses, even banks [so i heard]. They also give these as stand-by PCs to their AMC clients.

Online, what better place than

As 4 d price, my take would be dat u b offered around 2k-3k 4 all.
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