New Games Problems..

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Ashwin Saxena

All new games problems is RAM. I only got 128 MB Ram.
Anyone knows about a new game that can run on this amount of ram.
I just want to buy tht kind of game.


Just Do It
There should be VERY few games you cannot run
Just check the specs for the game you are playing


please mention what type of game you want yes the genre

aoe will run
ron will run
max payne will run
midtown madness will run
need for speed will run
many many will run

jus check the gamespecifications


Wise Old Owl
NFS UG 1 nd 2 will run on Intel Extreme graphics1 at lowest setings. Counter strike,Vice city, Hitman 1,2 nd 3,IGI2, Soldier of Fortune2, etc will run on 128.


Core i7 (nehalem) Owner
Well on that kind of RAM (128MB) u can play games like NFS-2 and NFS-3,NHL-2000,NHL-2002,FIFA 2000,DIABLO-II,WARCRAFT series,WWE(wrestling), and also check for games for their PC requirements...

cheers n e-peace..
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