1. Renny

    [Want to Buy] Need an album from iTunes

    I don't have a credit card, so can anyone please purchase an album from iTunes for me? The album costs Rs.120/- PM me if willing to help! I'll forward the details thereafter.
  2. sksundram

    Hangouts- snapshot- save- location

    I was wondering where could I find the photos taken as snapshots in google hangouts. it's not in my picasa web albums or in my google drive or in my google+ photos album. and one more thing, how to delete those photos coz I learned somehow that it can't be deleted. anybody?
  3. H

    Random Access Memories

    Daft Punks new album coming on may 17th. Features collaborations with Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Pharrell Williams, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Panda Bear and Julian Casablancas. 13 tracks. 74 minutes total length. Album Art: A five minute loop of...
  4. sahil1033

    How can I add an image as 'album art' to a mp3 file ??

    Help please !!
  5. M

    How to create music album in sd card for nokia media player?

    I want mine certain songs to be recognize as an album in nokia media player? How can I do that? Please help me.
  6. ramakanta

    Add Album Art to MP3 Songs

    Is there any procedure to add and remove album art in MP3 Songs ?? thank you.
  7. sumit05

    H.D Setup...

    Hiii guys just check out my new Samsung LED 32EH5000 & new Videocon d2h HD Price ~ 31500 /- for the T.V ImageShack Album - 10 images
  8. Anorion

    Where Hindi Movie posters are ripped off from

    Apparently, yindians can't come up with original impressive posters for movies without ripping em off from somewhere else post such instances here was watching Agneepath trailer and noticed that Sanjay Dutt's face was pretty close to an Aphex twin album this one was pointed out to me...
  9. Empirial

    iTunes Alternative for Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi, I need an App/Software for managing MP3 files in Ubuntu 11.10 64x. I need something that allows user to manually edit tags like Artist, Genere, Album Artist, Composer & also manually add/delete Album Art just like iTunes. Please Reply!
  10. J

    Confusion on Symbian^3 mp3 player

    Guyz, I have an N8 and use mp3 player daily while commuting to office. I couldn't find out how to select a particular song from an album and let it loop through the entire collection rather than repeating the same album. Tried altering repeat mode to repeat all but in vain, plzzz let me...
  11. leo61611616

    Facebook Adds Drag and Drop Feature to Photos

    Facebook had announced several new features, like a better photo viewer, support for high-resolution pics, and more for it's Photo product three weeks ago. Now it has again added a new feature: drag and drop for photos and albums. Using this feature users can now reorder photos within an...
  12. emailaatif786

    How to set title to mp3 files?

    I have 20 GB of music collection(.mp3 files) containing thousands of songs. Each mp3 file is present in folder named by its album name. There is no TITLE and ALBUM (ID3) set to any mp3 file. Which software can I use that the TITLE and ALBUM of each mp3 is set to its folder? Example: Such...
  13. L

    Flac file icon or album art in Win 7

    Is there a way to get flac files to display album arts in win7? You know mp3 files are so good to look at with the album art being displayed inside the folder. I wanted to know if i could do the same for flac. Make it display album art instead of that boring default icon. Am hoping there's a...
  14. S

    iPod Nano Album View

    I have an iPod Nano 5G. my problem is when i see the album view,each album entry has only one song from that album. so i end up seeing 7 album entries for 7 songs instead of all 7 songs inside the album. What is the way out of this?
  15. D

    software to create a photo album

    i need a software to create a digital photo album...where i can store images as in a folder & flip through them or create slideshows should be such that when i click on the album..the photos inside are displayed as a book that can be browsed.....please suggest....thank you.
  16. eggman

    Beatles remastered and Rock Band'd!

    Read the full story here: The Game Trailer:
  17. J

    Calcutta 1945: An American Military Photograph Album

    Some great snaps by US GI's of Calcutta (now Kolkota), taken during WW-II. The album is on 5 pages, each with about 13 snaps. Hope you like the photographs.
  18. dare_devil

    music library organizer

    i need a music library organizer which organizes all my music by thair albm name, i mean it will make folder of album name and put all songs of that album automatically in that folder. plz tell me if you know any software which can do above task
  19. x3060

    Album art for music?

    i want a player that's capable of producing album art for my music collection , i recently downloaded one from a site ......123(u know).com, and it produces a thumbnail album art in place of default mp3 thumbnail that windows give (in my case foobar gives)...anyone knows about a player thats...
  20. mns.saraf

    Officer Roseland : Get $1 to download their new Album!

    Officer Roseland has released a new album "Stimulus Package" and giving away $1 through who ever downloads their album, said the official blog of Officer Roseland.Isn't it just awesome, firstly get a licensed version of Music album and over it get paid too!! after 7 days I got confirmation from...
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