1. bssunilreddy

    The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th

    Hai, The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th The Windows 10 Creators update will start rolling out to consumers on April 11th, finally bringing Windows 10 Game Mode to PC gamers as well support for additional mixed reality experiences and Beam streaming integration. It...
  2. P

    Additional RAM help

    Currently i have 4GB RAM installed here is details XMS3 — 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz C9 Memory Kit (CMX4GX3M1A1333C9) My mobo is P8H67-M EVO I am looking for additional 1x 8GB RAM stick not sure which one to buy please help me Flipkart or amazon like will be good
  3. ssb1551

    Battery pack for OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 2

    I know its the wrong sub-forum (I'll be really grateful if someone can direct me to the relevant section) but I would like to know if we can get battery packs for OnePlus 3? You know the likes which act as phone case or cover but pack an additional battery. If not for OnePlus 3 then any...
  4. ramakanta

    uTorrent - Additional settings

    when I want to install uTorrent in my system , there are some Additional settings message displayed . what does it means Add an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall. if checked or unchecked what will happened ???. need suggestion ???
  5. A

    defrag window 8

    how does one do i require any additional free software-if so pl suggest
  6. P

    Need help with choosing a UPS

    Hello folks, My 6 year old APC UPS died out on me a while and I'm looking to purchase a new one. Rig Config Intel Core i7 - 860 8 GB Ram (3 sticks) ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB 2x500 GB (SATA 1.5 GB/s and 3GB/s) 1 DVD RW Dell ST2410 24 Inch LCD Monitor (HDMI) 120mm x 2 case cooling fans (PC...
  7. S

    Updated system Choppy

    Hi All, My old Mobo (Galaxy 680 sli) became faulty. I got it replaced with some Digilite - g41 MXE mobo. (i know...kind of a downgrade). The processor is same - Intel Core 2 duo e6850 @3ghz. Ram was changed - 2gb ddr3(company unknown - disadvantage of a local vendor). PSU - coolermaster...
  8. G

    Facing overheating issues with CPU. Is Liquid Cooling a good option?

    My PC Configuration: AMD Phenom X6 1055T 2.8GHZ + Gigabyte Motherboard (don't remember the model), Kingston 2X4GB DDR3 1333MHZ RAM, Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W Power Supply, MSI R7770 1GB DDR5 Graphics Card, Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet. I'm facing CPU overheating problem for a...
  9. bukaida

    Old smps fan as chesis fan

    I am trying to upgrade my dad's computer which has a frontech cabinet (god knows the psu ratings) with original intel 865GBF mother board and two 1GB DDR1 RAM and Two 256MB DDR1 RAM with one LG DVD writer (sata) and WD Caviar Blue 250 GB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (7200 RPM SATA) with P4-2.4...
  10. ithehappy

    Website for online recharge (Vodafone)?

    I usually recharge from Vodafone's website, but these new made for you offers are cool and they can't be recharged from Vodafone's website. I tried an online recharging site but they were asking some additional fee as 'Internet charges', so I skipped. Is there any website via which I can...
  11. M

    India IP/ VPS in India

    Since my IP at home is used by many people I wanted an additional dedicated IP for my use. Anyone know how I can get India IP or even a VPS with server in India? Anyone has any idea
  12. S

    Adobe photoshop cs4 crashes at start up

    When I start Photoshop CS4, it crashes & it shows the following - Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Photoshop.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 48d3882e Fault Module Name: AdobeOwlCanvas.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module...
  13. D


    Can a modem/router be used to set up wifi connection without any additional hardware?
  14. D

    Need help....!

    Pls help me out. I am having a MID tablet(Devante MY TAB) version 2.3android with 3g +2g +wifi. 256mb ram and 4gb internal. Whenever i am trying to open any application/web browser/ apk manager/calender/android market its showing google***** has stopped unexpectdly. PLEASE GUIDE...
  15. RCuber

    Internet Explorer 9 Crash issue

    I was trying out Tor and Ultrasurf recently and a strange problem has started with Internet Explorer 9. I am not sure which one I used first, but one of the proxy app but it caused a BSOD. After the system restart I didn't bother to look into the proxy apps again. recently I had to use...
  16. RCuber

    Backup Mobile for 2K

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and need an additional phone as backup. Budget is Strictly <2K. Primary focus - Battery Backup Some phones which I looked into Nokia X1-01 - Rs. 1830 , Looks great!! Samsung Hero Music E1232B - Rs 1599 Spice M-6464 Rs. 1740 Micromax M2 Rs. 2165 These...
  17. R

    Laptop Suggestion under 35K

    Details: 1) Budget - 30-35k 2) Size - Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen (Widescreen definitely) 3) Usage - Development Work (using both Windows and Linux) & Watching Movies 4) Battery life - As much as possible :) ..... 3-4 hrs 5) OS - Win 7 + Linux 6) Hardware knowledge - 7 to 8 7)...
  18. M

    Need help with adobe media encoder cs4

    when i export my editted media from adobe premier pro cs4 the adobe media encoder window is opening but its not responding and it stops showing a dialogue which has only 2 options in it.. close the program , and check for solution online. in the message it says the problem details are...
  19. I

    intel i5 760

    Guys i have intel i5 760. I am planning to overclock it. Actully i want to it without buying any additional cooling. Rite now the clock speed is at 2.8. I was wondering if i can take it to 3.2 or 3.3 for 24 X 7 without any additional cooling with full stability. And i have 550ti and...
  20. deepakgates

    explorer.exe giving hard time

    Digit forum is usually my last stop. spent over a month Explorer stops working everything freezes , happens 10 times a day .. Okay 5 times.. mostly after a USB interaction. this explains my misery Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Explorer.EXE Application...
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