1. B

    Failed to add torrent in a torrent client

    Hello Friends, I bought utorrent pro, I had some voucher code for Play Store. I transferred a torrent from pc to phone, but IDK how to open it. So, I tried adding some torrent from a popular torrent website. I clicked on the download button and utorrent app opened but I displayed a message...
  2. N

    Adding function to Export Table of A DLL with out soarce code

    I am not a exsperianced pogramer. I am new in this forum. I searched about adding Export to a dll all over web but found nothing helpfull. I am a big digit fan so i joined this forum . Please help , also please tell me whether any app exist to do so. If i have posted it on wrong section...
  3. N

    add avatar

    Can anyone please help me out in adding an avatar to this forum. I am not finding it out here.
  4. D

    lumia 640 XL | internet sharing isn't currently available | after update

    Just a new phone. Everything was perfect, then after the last update, hotspot is not working at all. I use Airtel and Vodafone. Internet sharing works over "bluetooth", but whenever I tried over Wifi, it gave me the error "internet sharing isn't currently available". I've tried almost everything...
  5. 7shivam9

    Share your Photoshop Work !

    Making this thread in Show off section is Doesn't mean i'm a expert. :lol: I'm not a professional , but I love experimenting in Photoshop .. playing with Text's , editing pics , adding colors to them etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Lets everybody Share...
  6. ShankJ

    URGENT: Software for creating Documentary!!

    Me and my friends are planning on making a documentary for a competition but have no idea on how to go about the editing. We'l be needing softwares for the following- 1. Adding caption to the video, for eg. The names of the people who are being intervied 2. Subtitles(for translating dialogues...
  7. ©mß

    Help adding numbers in C++

    This code is what I wrote. After typing first no. and then the second no. and then when I press enter, no result is shown and program terminates. What is wrong in the code? Our teacher asked to add ourselves using our BRAIN. I am unable to understand,is this method right? I am right now...
  8. stellar

    Adding another HDD

    I have 80 GB Pata HDD and it's getting low on space.I am thinking of adding another 500GB SATA. What I want to do is make the new 500 GB HDD primary and old one secondary for backups. And also make it my OS HDD. How can i transfer all my OS and files to the new HDD. IS it possible to do by...
  9. T

    How night usage is chargeable ??

    I have BBG-FN-HOME-600-COMBO-PLUS-MONTHLY which has night unlimited (0200-0800 hr.) But i ve a problem. just look at the picture below..Total volume includes both day and night usage... Why the are adding night usage to it as it is free in this night usage also accounts for that...
  10. pulkitpopli2004

    need performance increase of my laptop

    This is my laptop configuration.. Presently task manager state is this.. So laptop running is very slow,.. Please help me in increasing performance.. I was thinking of adding up 2 GB RAM bt need your opinions..
  11. A

    Need Help with Corsair PSU

    Hello Guyz, I own a old PC with AMD Athlon X2 7750 Dual Core Processor + Asus M3A Motherboard 500GB HDD + 2GB RAM All configuration is DDR2, So i am adding more 2 GB RAM to it for some casual gaming at decent FPS. For this I am adding either HIS Radeon HD 6670 1 GB @5k or PowerColor Radeon...
  12. D

    CPU RAM up gradation

    In my Desktop Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G i.e. DDR2 667MHZ 1GB ram is installed. I want to upgrade my system by adding more 2GB or 3GB ram. But can the ram with more than 667 MHZ will be suitable with existing RAM??
  13. B

    php array adding to empty array

    I am using array to add up numbers from database and wonder if this would be valid: $array[10] = $array[10] + 1 However the initial array has not been set and is without value. Would it assume that it is equal to 0 and after the above line become 1? I hope I am explaining this right...
  14. S

    Quary about game adding

    1st time I downloaded a pc game from rapid share link which has 31 part.but I cant understand how can i add the 31 part of the game and burn it in a DVD and install it. Plz help me giving some solutiom. Is there any software which can do this adding? Plz replay.
  15. SlashDK

    Problem with adding gfx card on elite 430

    I just got a Sapphire HD 6850 but am unable to add it to my PC due to the places where the output ports are located being covered by the cabinet. I tried doing what the manual told me for adding add on cards but the slots cannot be freed. Please guide me how to do the same. Tried breaking it...
  16. vamsi_krishna

    Opera 11 Alhpa

    Get Opera 11 Alpha.. which has got brand new extension support. Opera web browser | Opera 11 ? Adding another piece of the puzzle.
  17. ayush_chh

    how to create group mail?

    hi , i just wanted to know how can i create a group mail for a certain group of people. i have their mail ids, i just want to use them and create a group mail. i know the general process of creating a group and then adding contacts to it. is there any way by which i can do it according to my...
  18. T

    Good Cabinet around 2k or less

    My Config is in my sig. Will be adding a HDD soon. iBall- Gamer and CM Elite 330 looks nice I dont OC or CF/SLI ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Looking for a Space for new GTS fitting confortably as right now its cramped...
  19. skippednote

    Best CPU for 15K

    How is this Config 1)Intel Core2Duo 7300GHz 3)2X1 GB RAM 667 MHz 4)320 GB SATA Seagate or 500GB 5)Any cabby with SMPS I'm confused about the mobo. I have a budget of 17k max. I'll be adding a GFX card later. Please suggest a better config if possiible.
  20. BBThumbHealer

    Query Regarding PayPal

    Hi Everyone , I made an account on Paypal and added a credit card to my account ! The credit card will be verified by Paypal after i enter the first transaction code which i receive thru the statement ! When i click the option of adding the funds in my account , it just shows the option of ...
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