1. The Incredible

    Gmail (Ghost-mail)!

    It seems dat gmail has turned into a site operated by ghosts. The problem is dat whenevr i'm trying 2 visit gmail using my bsnl internet a/c. it doesnt opens but whenver i'm using reliance internet service to open it , it opens n works finely. So, any suggestions wat i shud opt 2 do in...
  2. H

    agrent please help me for rediffmail

    i just forgot my rediffmail passward and also my question answer how can i brack or open my rediff mail a/c . any software or some trick for open a/c please help me
  3. L

    mess with user account.. help

    hi, i installed a fresh copy of windows xp and forgot to create a user account in it. i installed all my needed programmes in the default administrator a/c. i discovered t only after installing all. now i want to get back to my user account by creating it and all teh programmes to be shown in...
  4. G

    ASP.NET Machine A...

    I've got winxp with 2 ntfs formatted drives. Now when I looked in user accounts in control panel I saw a user a/c with the foll name ASP.NET Machine A... which has a passwrd set on it. I have not created any such user and neither do I have a passwrd set on my pc. The only other a/c I have is the...
  5. mohit

    Realtek Problem

    hey guyz i am using win xp home on a intel d915gav board and the onboard audio ... i have 2 user accounts on my system , one is my admin account and the other is a guest account... the problem is everytime i log in to the guest account the real tek audio wizard asks me to set up the config of my...
  6. G

    transfering email

    Is there a way I can transfr email from one a/c to another? For example: If I have an a/c with rediff & another with yahoo. Can I direct all my mail from rediff to yahoo?
  7. Charley

    How do i create a gmail a/c

    I've tried to register an id in gmail , but cannot find the registration.. Where exactly is it?
  8. D

    How to set Msn Email A/c in Outlook Express

    Hi, can anybody tell me i have one msn email a/c which i want to operate through outlook express so i need to know abt : incoming server and outgoing server so can anybody know for the same and if any other information please mention too thanx
  9. I


    i wanted to access gmail on wap and i found this thing on sourceforge.net. but they give u zip file with many php files in it and say u gotta put it in ur webserver. so if i got a geocities a/c, how do i use it ?
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