1. jackal_79

    Need Help In Buying a 1 Ton Split Inverter AC

    Hi, As the title suggests i am in need of buying one above. I am totally clueless on how to go about selecting. This much i have decided: My room length is 11 * 10 * 10. So i would require a 1 Ton AC It should be an invertor A/C for reduced power consumption. I would not be buying online I...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Securing Facebook account

    Hi friends, I want to know how to secure my facebook account from hackers as recently one of my friend FB account was hacked and the hacker put nude pics on his facebook. Secondly, I just checked my FB a/c from another person's account and found that all my posts & details could be viewed by...
  3. T

    Working on MS Excel

    I work in a bank. I am having thousands of Debit Cards delivered in our branch almost fortnightly due to PMJDY & it is driving us all crazy in arranging them before delivering them to customers. By arranging I mean these Cards & their PINs are delivered to us separately & in no order. Till now...
  4. M

    Dummy account on Facebook-Someone trying for threatening...

    I thought to share this incident with DTians colleagues with hoping to get some help. Someone has opened dummy/fake account on Facebook with using my daughter name. Fake account name is same as my daughter account name. Fake A/c holder connected with friends of my daughter & keeps inviting...
  5. theserpent

    Adsense a/c disapproved because of wrong adress

    My address is exactly correct,still its being disapproved saying wrong address
  6. S

    Time Delay between two consecutive power ON for split A/C

    Hello- I need to install a 1 Ton split A/C soon and I've got a 5kVA servo stabilizer serving the entire home. Do I need to have a separate voltage stabilizer for the A/C unit ? The existing servo-stabilizer has a power on delay 1 sec to 5 mins-selectable range. So my question how much time...
  7. S

    Buying A/C for my bedroom

    Hello Guys, I would like to buy a 1 ton A/c for my bedroom. Any advices on the brands, * ratings etc? Am from trivandrum and buying A/c unit from Army Canteen.
  8. ithehappy

    Urgent...Have a query regarding Ebay transaction

    Hi, I've sold a product successfully on Ebay and the buyer has confirmed the payment. I've been given a PaisaPay ID that I've received my payment but I can't see it in on my bank a/c. Do I need to provide the Shipping details first? My first time with Ebay, that's why confused. Thanks...
  9. saurabh_1e

    Overclocked Phenom X6 1055t

    I have Overclocked My Phenom X6 1055t to 3.5 ghz Temp load 50 c idle 30 c before overclocking load 44 c idle 28 c Room Temp : with a/c 25 c without a/c 30 c Are these Temp normal or i should bring back my procy to stock speed.
  10. lahratla

    Video does not show in Windows XP limited user a/c

    I'm using the latest Media Player Classic Home Cinema in my Windows XP SP3 system. While the player is working fine in administrator a/c, only audio but not video would show in limited user a/c while playing avi files. Files with other formats like mpg and wmv would show up correctly. How do I...
  11. A

    2 admin a/c in window xp

    hi, I don't know where my administrator a/c gone?. I install window xp proff. sp2 with default administrator user. Today I open user control panel and click on create new user. after entering a name it says u must select at least 1 a/c as administrator. I just click and then it open another...
  12. static_x

    Strange Problem!!

    Hi, Last night when i switched on my PC i got the error message as: "COULD NOT LOAD THE CURRENT USER PROFILE" "WINDOWS WILL NOW CREATE A TEMP PROFILE" now when the desktop appeared all the files and icons on my earlier desktop were missing as well as the files in My Documents. I tried to find my...
  13. abhijit_reddevil

    Left wants govt to seek Swiss Bank A/c details

    Source: http://www.rediff.com/money/2009/feb/23left-wants-govt-to-seek-details-of-swiss-bank-accounts.htm But that is direct breach of customer's privacy. :mad: First let all the ministers and the MLA's and all in politics provide their foreign bank a/c details. Then these NRI's (?) will...
  14. D

    How to create restrictions for guest user a/c

    i have turned on my guest a/c but i want to create some restrictions..here's what i want to do-- 1. users should be able to open a hdd partition & read its contents but he/she should not be able to copy/paste anything from/to it 2. he should be able to open only a few selected applications that...
  15. quad_master

    Paypal a/c

    i supposed to receive certain amnt from UK...they preferred paypal a/c...i heared abt it bt havent used it till date...:D 1. is personal a/c is suffice to receive payment...say 10000 INR 2. how can i withdraw money after payment is received...im lil bit confused here bcoz u need a credit card to...
  16. H

    How to buy online

    How can i buy stuff from online? 1) If i have a bank account only. 2)lf i don't have bank a/c.
  17. P

    Help installing driver for BSNL Modem

    Hi friends, I had applied for a BSNL con and just got the modem yesterday along with driver CD. But when I try to install the drivers for it it says: Error loading newdev.dll and then further: U need administrative privilege to run this application I m on Win XP and have only...
  18. iinfi

    anyone with ICICI account?

    hey ... did u folks get interest credited by the bank last quarter. neither mine nor my Dad's a/c shows the interest credited!!
  19. 047

    rapidshare account help!!

    Hi i want to get rapidshare a/c. plz tell me the ways to get it. thanx
  20. naveen_reloaded

    Your tips for this (( SUMMER ))

    Hi all.., How is your weather in your places...INDIA is well known for got summer...so suggest few tips or advice to others... Here is mine.. Get a girl and go to spencer or landmark or theatre or any place which has centralised A/C.. This is the time to show your parents that...
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