1. iinfi

    giftmate paymate nonsense

    hi all did any of you ever use paymate/giftmate option to shop online. they had a scheme last week saying, watever amt i topped up wud double and be credited to my account. i topped up my a/c by Rs.500 and nothing happened. no one answers in customer support no. and no response to the...
  2. ring_wraith

    WTF? Paypal is flicking my money....

    I recently received 25USD from someone, and when I logged into my paypal a/c i saw that i had to click the accept button. In the row of that payment, it said Fee=0$. Once I clicked the accept button, my a/c balance increased by 23.8 USD. I was like "WTF Where did the ~1$ go???" Then I...
  3. ring_wraith

    Noobie PayPal Questions

    Hey! I am writing for a site and am going to be paid for my efforts. I have created a PayPal A/c as they pay only to PayPal. Now I have a few questions: What is my PayPal A/c? Like what am I supposed to give them as my PayPal A/c? My Login ID? They will deposit money in my A/c in USD. Is there...
  4. R

    windows user A/cs not visible

    I can't log into winxp as administrator since only guest a/c is visible on bootup.
  5. R

    Wow megaupload account and rapidshare a/c

    Wow megaupload account and rapidshare a/c found on ebay.. Rapidshare *tinyurl.com/ywkeha Megaupload: *tinyurl.com/228w5d seems nice one..What abt ur view??
  6. A

    Annoying Problem...Help wantde!

    Annoying Noise frm inside de hood...?!!? i have had this cool n quiet config 4 around 6 months, E6300, 946GZIS, Mercury 400OPSU n Cabinet, Until recently, there seems 2 be dis strange motor like noise coming frm sumwhere inside whenever i switch on my PC. i chacked all the fans, the CPU...
  7. T

    Rapidshare premium a/c purchase query

    Hey ppl, I am planning to get a rapidshare premium a/c since i get very good speeds in http links.. almost 1 MB/sec. So i wanted to know whether its a good idea to buy a rapidshare premium a/c. It costs 7 Euros for a month which is roughly around 400 Rs. odd per month. And in case i want to...
  8. R

    Rapidshare share a/c for R.S.1

    Rapidshare share a/c for R.S.1 *cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250159278433 wow...
  9. CadCrazy

    Have Rapidshare Premium a/c , Want to give premium link to friend

    I have rapidshare premium a/c and i want to give premium link (with resume supported) to my friend but cant give him user id n password. Tried to copy the link but not worked. Do you have any idea about this??
  10. I

    All Senior People.. Need ur Help Badly XP Problem

    Hi All, I have windiws XP. Somehow i forgot my logon password. There is only one a/c on my XP. How do i recover it?? Need ur help badly. Please Help.
  11. Hustlerr

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Whom did it ????

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Who did it ???? I just logged in my Orkut a/c through Orkut Cute and didn't notice my name. Then i scrapped smbody and saw my name was changed with my password Like my orkut name is X X and pass is Y So my name was " My Password is Y " not "X X" This happened...
  12. D

    free rapidshare premium a/c

    actually now there is no need of premium a/c just paste the rapidshare link and enjoy downloading *www.desi-tek.org/rs/ no ip issue download limit of my a/c is 25gb/5days set by rapidshare complete resume support its free but that program is using my a/c! in case if you get any error...
  13. BilluMastan

    Whether Hotmail a/c can be configured in Outlook as POP

    Hi I don't know how i can configure my hotmail a/c in outlook. All my other email a/c has been configured in outlook apart from that the Hotmail a/c i could not do pop configuration. I tried to down load outlook connector software and installed but the outlook was not responding at all. Do you...
  14. CadCrazy

    What is pay pal ?????

    I want to know about pay pal. How can open pay pal a/c. Its benefit over credit card if any.
  15. mohitgiri

    reliance server

    hi gyus m using realince server in my reliance office. i want to open my rediff mail a/c and some more sites in this server. please suggest me
  16. Anindya

    RELIABLE site to send sms? Also a/c creation prob in BSNL.

    I would like to know a good reliable site which anyone of u people are using to send smses in India specially. I know there are many sites but they are not stable. So plz tell me a good one. I am not being able to open a a/c in BSNL(calcuttatelephones.com) to check my bills and other things. I...
  17. V

    Gmail Hacked...interesting!!!

    guys....this sems to be one helluva prob i downloaded this file *rapidshare.com/files/8858018/CrushCalculator.zip.html fed it with my details and my a/c got hacked(how dumba me!!!) from wat i realize this is an automated software tht changes the password and also the security...
  18. K

    I wnat to be a Orkut member buthow can I?

    I wnat to be a Orkut member buthow can I? pls invite me if any one has Orkut A/C. Thanks in adv.
  19. tango_cash

    how to put mails from a specific person in one folder in yahoo

    hi i have a yahoo mail a/c in this a/c i get 10-15 mails daily from a friend.my inbox gets filled with his emails it is difficult for me to see other peoples mail.is there a way by which i can set a folder to store his emails.i mean when his mails come they automatically get stored in a folder...
  20. choudang

    windows mail Beta Build _11.00.0003.0056

    microsoft made it look a bit nicer, more blues and windows logos....... question is how can we signed up for it? need a invite? i heard that we can do it using hotmail a/c.
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