1. F

    Doubt:Will ati hd6670 work on abit ip35e

    Hi guys,my old gpu is fried.so i need a new one.But,i had doubts about the compatibility of hd 6670 with abit ip35e.my mob uses pcie 1.1.but the has gpu pcie 2.1 standard. Specs: intel quad core 2.1Ghz, transcend 4gb, zebronics platinum 500w, abit IP35e, western digital 1TB. Please HELP!
  2. ajooba215

    Is this a good deal?

    I am getting this kit for 8.2k. I want it for mid level gaming and i have msi 9600GT GPU to use with this. Motherboard - Abit IP 35 E Processeor - Intel Core2duo E 8500 Ram - 4 GB 800MGhz Is it a good deal to make?
  3. linux_ubuntu

    Abit IP35-e

    Want to buy brand new ABIT IP35-E LGA 775 motherboard..
  4. vaibhav_jain

    Suggestion for Motherboard

    hi friends i have intel pentium D processor having FSB 800 mhz. recently i see a post someone is selling his abit p35e MB i am interested in that. But i am also interested in another motherboard which i seee in the market it is gigabyte energy saver g 31 chipset. So now please tell me which one...
  5. H

    Abit P35e

    hi guys i want to sell my 7 months old motherboard abit p35e.....bought from bangalore n the dealer is tirupati enterprises....warranty as intact....... price - 3k+shipping location - bangalore reason for sale - goin for powerful IGP motherboard pics link-...
  6. R

    abit p35E + hd4850

    hello guys......i want to sell my abit p35E n sapphire hd4850 for 11K........ no overclocking of any sort yet........ i bought both these on 11/07/08.... BANGALORE buyres preferred......... reason for selling - fed up of gaming.......n i wl do job nw....so no time for gaming...
  7. D

    which upgrade 2 do ?

    hey I got dual core 2.66ghz 550mhz intel dg 945 motherboard 1066fsb xfx 8800 extreme edition 600wtts power supply 2gb ram 800mhz i wanted 2 know what can be upgraded 1st meaning as in mother board or processor. i am low on budget and was thinking of which upgrade should be done 1st.as i want 2...
  8. R

    Selling Abit Ip35e

    hello every1......i want to sell my abit p35e motherboard for 3500rs...it is almost new......its nly 2 mnths old..........if u want i can give u the bill also ........the cause i m selling it is dat i will a buy a igp motherboard with hybrid graphics........so if ne1 interested can call me at...
  9. S

    Abit IP35-E mobo shows CPU temp 98 deg C

    I have purchased two new systems as per following configuration :- Abit IP35-E Off Limits, Intel C2D E8400, XFX Geforce 8400GS, Seagate 250 GB SATA etc..... Problem:- I am not able to install OS view system is not starting or shutting down instantly after 20 - 30 seconds. In BIOS it shows CPU...
  10. B

    MOBO's Model List Request

    Hi Can anyone give me a list of good performing mobos p35 and p45 in a list so that I could search for one of them. Mind Low-Mid Budget. NOTE:- 1.In my area abit mobos are not available. 2.Intel, Asus, Msi, Nvidia, Gigabyte mobos are alomost available. thanks in Advance...
  11. B

    MOBO's Model List Required For Purchase

    Can anyone give me a list of good performing mobos p35 and p45 in a list so that I could search for one of them. NOTE:- 1.In my area abit mobos are not available. 2.Intel, Asus, Msi, Nvidia, Gigabyte mobos are alomost available. thanks again bilal:cool:
  12. B

    Abit IP35-E not compatabile with CM690

    i have finalize my computer (Abit IP35-E as motherboard) but after reading that Abit IP35 pro is incompatible with CM690 i don't really got upset because i may have not buying the pro version but both of these motherboard are same in design. i am not a hardware expert this is my first...
  13. H

    No more abit mobos 4 us.

    Theres a very bad news 4 all of us. abit is exiting the mainboard market.its no loger gonna manufacture mobos after end of 2008.abit has some of the best vfm overclocking mobos like IP35-E,IP35 Pro etc. Read full article here. good bye abit.:(
  14. R


    Where can I get a good deal for computer hardware in hyderabad. I know CTC is the place to go. But there are too many shops in CTC. Please suggest me a couple of shops and if possible their contact numbers (so that i can check the availablity before going. Its far away from my place.) I am...
  15. shirazhansen

    Abit ip35E Goes crazy when i plug in my earphones..

    Hi all, Got this funny problem.. when i connect my earphones to my pc, via the audio jack in front, i get very low volume, even if i crank it up to maximum.. the jack at the back of my cpu works fine.. Sometimes, (not always) when i plug my earphones into the front jack, realtek audio manager...
  16. P

    eVGA in Hyderabad

    Could anyone tell me where I can get eVGA cards in hyderabad?? I mean dealer name and address. Also tell me where I can get MSI, Abit motherboards. Cheers...!
  17. anubisX

    Motherboard ???

    Motherboard / Monitor / GPU ??? I'm going to get the Intel E8400 / E8500 and I'm looking for a good motherboard. I have few in mind, ABiT IP35 / ABiT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 / MSI P7NSLI PLATINUM / MSI P35 PLATINUM COM / ASUS P5K. Please suggest me something good. Going to get the Corsair 2 x 1 GB...
  18. P

    GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0) vs IP35-E ?

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0/1.0) vs ABit IP35-E Which of the two is better ? I mean, Performance wise ( for processor E2180 or E7200 ) Price wise (around 5.5k) Board Design ( congestion, RoHS , Solid Capacitor, Cooling) Support (warranty, service centers in n around Mumbai) OC Future...
  19. S

    Abit IX38 QuadGT

    Guys i have decided to purchase Abit IX38 QuadGT, it has good OC performance, googled for review. It costs Rs 11.5K Please provide your opinion on this board, regarding quality, stability etc
  20. M

    My Planned Rig

    My Planned Rig.. Bought! Please Rate it! Guys, After just 6th months of waiting period, i got myself a prematured baby pc Wink here is the config with price. Q6600 - 9700/- Abit Ip35-E - 5350/- Transcend 2G 800Mhz - 1900/- Seagate 500G(32MB) - 3950/- Zebronics Antibiotic - 1950/-...
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