1. tanmaymohan

    8400GS Problematic Display

    I am using Palit 8400GS 512MB GPu for around a year but now I am facing this problem. ON boot The Monitor displays just lines and lines and nothing else. The Intel HD2000 VGA port works fine though for the time being. What can be the cause?
  2. R

    Learning Overclocking 8400GS

    I am using 8400GS on my PC which has AMD Quad 635 with Gig 785G mobo which has been overclocked to 3.3 ghz stable and is used in normal operation. As I am using 8400GS, I thought to give it a try to learn overclocking the G.Card. I used Precise and the result is given in below screenshot...
  3. K

    HD 5670 Many Questions

    Hello! i am looking for a graphics update for some light 1280*1024 gaming this is my current setup (got ripped off few years back)- Asus m2a-vm mobo Athlon 64 x2 4600+ dual core 2 GB transcend ram Nvidia 8400gs 512mb :shock: VIP 280w (20A on 12V) Budget 5000rs I was thinking about getting HD...
  4. B

    Suggest a graphics card

    Please suggest a good graphics card better than existing 8400GS..........just for playing of games of three years old....... I am a fan of total war games. 8400GS does not play NTW even at low settings. Refer my signature for my system settings.. My budget is 2.8k.......
  5. N

    8400gs vs H61 on-board graphics

    I upgraded an old computer for my 10 year old nephew. The config I put was: MOBO: MSI H61M-P20 (G3) PROC: Intel® Pentium® Processor G620 RAM : 2GB DDR3 At this point, the windows experience index showed: (mentioning only the graphics score) Desktop performance for Aero: 4.2 Gaming Graphics...
  6. M

    i want to sell my HD5670 and 8400gs

    product info: Sapphire radeon HD5670 1GB GDDR5 , XFX radeon HD4350 1GB GDDR2 and Zotac Nvidia GeForce 8400GS 512MB GDDR2 on buying all the gpu's Call of Duty 4 modern warfare and nfs the run will be free 2.Date of purchase: 23/11/2011(HD5670) & don't know(8400GS,HD4350) 3.Reason for sale: to...
  7. M

    what should be the price of a 1week used HD 5670 and a never used 8400gs ?

    i bought sapphire radeon HD5670 1GB GDDR5 for Rs.7000 and the 8400gs 512mb ddr2 for Rs.2750 and now i want to sell it. can anybody suggest me at what price should i sell at ?
  8. kool

    PC shutting down, Overheating problem!! Help me guys!! ________

    Guys, From last 3 days after 20min. of use of my PC, it shutdown w/o any warning. I checked CPU temp in SPEEDFAN s/w and its showed: GPU: 58C CPU: 71C Right now i'm using a small table fan to keeping cool my system now its back to normal temp. But why this is happening suddenly? GFX CARD...
  9. NitrousNavneet

    what about this graphics card?

    Palit nvidia 8400gs super 1gb.
  10. utkarsh007

    Graphic card under 5k

    Hey i wanna upgrade my graphic card. Presently i have nvidia geforce 8400gs but games like crysis 2 are not working. So i now wanna buy a new graphic card which can fulfill all my needs and doesn't becomes obsolete in atleast 2 years. Plz help me decide fast My budget is 5k my pc specs...
  11. A

    XFX 8400GS GC issue

    Hi, I have a 8400GS, was working fine. When I switched on today the display goes to VGA mode from the native 1366x768. The drivers are still installed but its showing as "(?) video controller (VGA compatible)". I've removed the old driver and tried to install the latest driver but its not...
  12. hayabusa_ryu

    Problem with my Graphics Card

    Hi friends, I have come with a new problem again. This time with GPU, I have 8400GS. When I select 8400GS as my primary display then system boots but with teared image n also my OS dont boot, it hangs in middle of loading screen forever. But when I select onboard graphics as primary...
  13. R

    sparkle 8400gs

    SOLD OUT close this thread
  14. V

    3-month old 8400GS for sale.

    Item:XFX Geforce 8400GS bought in last week of March 2008 for sale. My expected price:Rs. 1500/- City:Mangalore, Karnataka I'm planning to sell it cause I upgraded. It is in excellent condition. Bundle includes the driver cd,a video cable & an s-video cable. The card has one D-sub & one DVI...
  15. codename_romeo

    8600GT suggestions

    Can anyone post the FPS they get with 8600GT n 8500GT n 8400GS on games like COD4,Crysis n Orange Box......
  16. hayabusa_ryu

    which is better 8400GS (512mb) or 8600GT (256mb)?

    I have bought nVidia 8400GS with 512mb graphics card in the price of 3900/-. I went to another shop and asked for nVidia 8600GT. The vendor told that he has nVidia 8600GT with 256mb graphics card(no hyper technology) in the price of 3400-3500/-. After knowing this I want to upgrade but I m in a...
  17. shyamno

    MCP73 Integrated Graphics VS 8400GS

    Nvidia's much awaited MCP73 GeForce 7150/630i graphics Chipset is being compared to a low end graphics Card 8400GS and it shows the following results.Have a look on them and then decide. Source
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