Need a fix for my system

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Hi Folks

Whenever I switch on my computer, CPU starts up and after 2 secs, the power goes down (CPU fan stops) and again after 2 seconds, the CPU powers up. I am not sure why this is happening. Can someone provide a fix for this?

My Details:

RAM: 2 GB 800MHz
SMPS: 500W Cooler Master Xtreme
Procy: e7200
MB: Abit IP35-E
Graphics: XFX 8800 GTS


Cyborg Agent
just out of curiousity..are you holding the START button a little longer?

What happens after the CPU starts second time..does it boot properly to the Operating system? or does this ON/Off game keeps happening endlessly?


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If it is constant restarting of the PC,it'd be due to the faulty pressing of the power key.(I used to have it if i press it with more pressure on one side).Pls explain in detail......


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I think its the double boot issue present in IP35e's..
You should check out abit forums for the double boot issue, there are some sticky threads regarding double boots.


Right off the assembly line
@ Patkim

No, I do not hold the Start button for a long period. After the CPU starts the second time, it boots to the OS properly without any hitch. It just happens for the first time whenever I start my PC, after which there is no problem.
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