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hi guys..

I blew my 500W smps and i needa new one. But here in dehradun not much is available so i get a replacement 450w as no higher was available. It blew in 3 days. I have to buy a good quality SMPS. also considering future hardware upgrades.

my present hardware is as follows:
AMD 64 3000+ (OC - 2.6GHZ => add 70Watts)
4x512MB DDR400
XFX 6600GT 256MB
1x80GB 7200 IDE HDD
2x160GB 7200 SATA HDD
1xPCI TV Tuner
3x80MM cooling fans

Future expansion:
AMD X2 4800+
2xSATA 7200 HDD
XFX 7950GT 512MB

I used a few online power supply calculators and came at around a 600W PSU. Now the trouble here is that none of the highend brands like antec are available. Only have local run-of-the-mill PSUs. The only brand available is Zebronics.

I have asked my dealer to get me the prices of the 500w Platinum and the 640w Diamond SMPS. see here. Also, look into the coolermaster PSUs. they redirect to what does it mean?

Any other models you guys can tell me to enquire that are available in delhi(that is from where all supplies come to dehradun) would be much appriciated.

Also the rough price i got for Zebronics 500w is Rs 2400. It seems too high. any comments. please reply fast. thanks
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Ha ha lol.Mera bhai bhi kuch isi dilema main hai.I ordered for an HX620 watt from corsair and haven't received it yet.Its for a high end rig.And since i moved from Delhi to patna things have worsened.I suggest u go for a the same psu as mine.U can order it from Delhi tirupati enterprises.
Here's the number-
Mr. Niranjan-01132608570
The psu will cost u about Rs 7500+tax and believe me its damn good.Its way better than zebronics diamond.Aree jahain tum rehte ho wahain par sirf gadhe hi hain zineheh PSU requirement ke bare main kuch nahi pata.And if u live in a place where u cannot get ur hands on the best hardware then its time to buy online.And don't u know for such a high end rig ur gonna need to spend money for a good psu that won't blow off.


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Man how are you..............heard from you after a long time or what? Anyhow, as for the PSU get CORSAIR HX520W, should be sufficient for your rig or if you could get higher get HX620W.


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If you go for Zebronics, select only diamond series and not platinum. And if on limited budget, why not buy CM Extreme for about 3.5K?


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frd ....... taking a look @ ur config ........ u tend 2 suck most of the POWER .....

wow ........

vip 600W ........ @ 4800rs .........sugested by agent 001 [digit] .........


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i am going nuts. a SOB employee of my reseller freekin bent a pin in the cpu. :mad:

How will i live!

The smps hunt has taken a back seat and i am attempting to get my dealer to get a replacement from AMD by trick-or-treat, as bent pin counts as physical damage meaning no warranty. Even if the dealer accepts the blame he wont do more then pay me the lowest current price of the 3000+ cpu.. which would be no more then 1K... i will end up either getting a replacement from AMD or having to buy the 939 version of X2 4400+ which is gonna set be back by around 4.5k unnecessarily.

There goes the plan to buy a 7950gt. :(

i donno if posting this is inappropriate but i have been pouring out my anger and the whole sad story in my blog.

hi man.. just that life has been busy but i have been reading the forum almost regularly. just didn't get around to replying much.
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