PLEASE HELP ME!! Buying New Gaming Rig!!

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Hello Friends!!

I have planned to by new PC for gaming.

BUDGET - 40000.

Processor - C2D E8500
Mobo - MSI P6N SLI V2 or MSI P43 NEO:confused:
RAM - Kingston 2x2 GB
Graphics Card - Palit 4850 Sonic
SMPS - Cool Master Extreme Power 500W
HDD - Seagate 500 GB, 32 MB Buffer (I already have 2x160GB & 1x500GB)
Speakers - Creative Inspire T6060.

I will keep, Dell 19" monitor, 500GB HDD from my current PC.

Will 500W Power be enough?:confused:

Is this config good enough to play new games at highest quality with all eye candy turned on?:confused:

Also, is this configuration future proof for "at least" 2 years?:confused:

Please help me...:sad:
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try this one its more advanced than previous:: especially gaming rig

AMD phenom 2 940 BE =>3.0Ghz

Biostar 790GX / SB 750

Transcend or kingston RAM 2 X 2GB 800mhz

Palit hd 4870 sonic dual bios/ dual fan

Cooler master 600watts extreme power

i think u need to go for HDD since u have more than enough

Creative Inspire T 6060

This is "DRAGON PLATFORM" u ll be playing all the games @ maxed out till now released games , as u have 19" monitor

may be future proof up to 2 yrs , cant guess at this stage ... but now now its too powerful @ budget



I am not that rich to afford the configuration that you mentioned.
I have a very low budget, only 40k :sad:

And as for HDD, Even 1TB is not enough for me.:rolleyes:

As i have already mentioned that i have 820GB of HDD space of which only 6GB is free.
I get about 100GB of stuffs from my friends every month.:D
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ok , dont worry just little change i ll do ..not big difference in performance

amd phenom 2 940 3.4Ghz = 13000/-

Biostar 790gx/SB 750 chipset = 5700/-

palit hd 4850 = 9000/-

500 Gb seagate = 2800/-

transcend 4 Gb ram = 2300/-

creative inspire t6060 = 4100/-

its all done well with in 40K

is it ok !!!


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Every thing as above
Just replace this
1) Intel Q8200 Rs. 8800
2) MSI P7NSLI PLATINUM Rs. 8800 (SLI board will make if future proof)


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Why get a q8200 when if can get a p2 940? Its much faster and overclock friendly...i suggest you get the phenom 2 rig...the biostar board has crossfire so even that is ready for the future


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@ ad ..i was reffering to the "damngoodman999"'s config which is better in my opinion..

Regarding 4870, "" is selling it @ 12.8k, he is a authorized dealer in other tech forums, and also listed in ebay(try to search, though ebay items will be slightly more costly), PM me for more details(i shouldn't be advertizing here, although no relationship with him, just for helping others).. :)
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