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  1. Nanducob

    Music Player that isn't Poweramp?

    I am tired of Power amp, did not like the interface even after using for 2-3 years.Any paid app that you find good?
  2. ssb1551

    Can an inverter be used to run a Desktop PC during extended hours of pwer cut?

    Checked on the net but couldn't quite understand much. During extended hours of power cut (eg. 2-3 hours), can an inverter be used to run a desktop PC? Does anyone have any experience on this matter? My friend plans to buy a pure sine wave inverter to run his new PC when the power outages will...
  3. theserpent

    [Praise] WD My Passport has stopped detecting

    My WD My passport 1 TB HDD, had a small fall.No damage. It showed the contents for 2-3 seconds, now it does not detect.Though the light is blinking. What do I do?
  4. animes_d

    Nokia lumia 520 or 525?

    I want to buy Nokia Lumia 520 but I'm confused with 525, as the only difference is better RAM in 525 (1gb) but the price difference is 1700 (as per flipkart). So is it worth paying 1700 more. I'm going to use it for next 2-3 years and I will use it for regular use, nothing fancy. Please help me...
  5. vidhubhushan

    2 Items to buy - Laptop or Netbook

    First one: Primary Work : 1. Typing of Writ Petitions on MS Word (At times on Page Maker) 2. Surfing Internet 3. Listening Music (not frequently) Expected to use it for 2-3 years. Budget : Under INR30,000 (the lesser the better) What type to get? imo, it should be a Netbook. but will that...
  6. N

    AC required (max 2-3 hours usage daily during hot season)

    Hello, I've gone through the forum and have read other posts as well, but couldn't find anything suitable, hence the new post. I figured out that I will require 1 ton split AC for usage of 2-3 hours max when hot (summer season), not very fond of getting used to AC, i doubt on using it in...
  7. vidhubhushan

    OC fail :(

    i am getting oc fail since yesterday. mb - gigabyte 81915 proc - 3ghz ram - 1gb X 2 first it makes click click type sound and nothing happens. i switch off the ups and on for 2-3 times and then it starts. when i first saw that oc fail message, i changed the battery on the mb. it then worked...
  8. S

    Budget 5k:tablet needed just only for games

    As the thread title suggests,i want a tablet for gaming,just basic gaming(like angry birds,temple run,bunny shoot etc etc)...no high end(nfs,asphalt,spider man etc) I can't expand my budget to 5.1k and will be playing games for 2-3 hrs. I want it by tuesday as on wednesday,i have to leave for...
  9. theserpent

    Ubuntu OS discussion thread

    In a matter of 2-3 days, Ubuntu OS will be released for Nexus devices http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC7J4qPdIJU And for tablets(Nexus 10) and might come for nexus 7 also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_4fXQcxFRs It looks really awesome
  10. H

    Lifespan and usability/Dead machine (Notebook) after 2-3 years AMD vs Intel...

    I'm about to buy my HP G6-2010 AX with a AMD quad core processor, i searched market a lot and the one thing that is most common to all of them is that they all suggest to keep away from AMD machine....one of them told that we don't sell stuff that will be garbage or waste ~ dead machine after...
  11. dibya_kol

    why does my i5 2500k processor shows hd 2000 as in cpuz?

    tried 2-3 vr of cpuz but they are all showing the same !!
  12. doomgiver

    give me some cooling advice

    is the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler a good one? i know a guy who is selling his for less than 1k. im going to use it with a amd phenom II 955 BE processor (currently on stock) also, please tell me where to buy cabinet fans from. i wish to buy 2-3 of them (80 or 120 mm) is there anyone who...
  13. yours_majesty

    Bose Mobile In Ear Headphones in Sealed Box

    Brand new in sealed box, an unwanted gift from the United States, thought initially to keep it however my Samsung wave headphones are good enough. They are only 2-3 weeks old. Expected price: Rs. 6200/- shipped all over India. [/IMG]
  14. giprabu

    PC doesnt turn on most of the times.. :(

    I'm posting this on behalf of my uncle.. The problem is, the system doesnt turn on most of the times. Instead only a single green led glows on the motherboard. * When i tried replugging all the connections, it worked worked (got switched on) for 2-3 times and failed to turn on.. *If i...
  15. sukesh1090

    about new amd 6670

    guys i have some queries about this graphic card.i,e., is this card is available in india.as i was thinking of buying hd 5670 after 2-3 months but when i heard about this card and this is replacement for 5670 at the same price so i am thinking of buying this card.what you people suggest?is this...
  16. D

    want to buy an PC within 1-2 weeks

    hi...... i want 2 buy a pc within a week (max budget 32k-33k ) my config is as Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz B.E. -8k Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H -5k 2 * 2GB DDR3 1333MHz -4k 500 gb hdd samgung -1.8k i-ball wireless K & M.-1.5k Samsung B2330H-23"- 10k lg dvd writer (is this config enough for gaming not...
  17. ajayashish

    Suggest a rig within 8k

    i want a machine within 8k or less for surfing and watching movies. I already have a monitor. Please suggest me something which can be within the budget and i will be buying the same in 2-3 weeks time.
  18. S

    UPS for 2-3 hours backup

    Hi Guys!! Well a family friend of our has asked me to suggest a ups to run his pc and a inkjet printer for 2-3 or more hours of backup. Preferably APC. Help me ??
  19. koolbuddy92

    Monitor flickering and clicking sound

    Whenever I start my pc, the monitor produces 2-3 flickerings with a clicking sound. I have an IBM E54 CRT monitor. On the startup, it used to show the bios name and other stuff but now it directly shows windows loading... looks like the moniter gets activated after a delay of 2-3 sec. on the...
  20. quan chi

    strange ip address conflicting problem.

    hi guys today atleast i have received this message 2-3 times what could be the problem please help.
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