1. W

    12th Tuition - with hostel facilities. Any idea?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me from where can i get 12th tution class (cbse). It's damn urgent. Also, hostel facilities should be provided by the institute. pls pour in your valuable comments ....
  2. Infernal12

    anyone giving IIT-JEE?

    ....on 12th April? Need tips lol:-P
  3. skippednote

    Studies after 12th

    After reading almost all the threads in the education section of the forum i have made up my mind to share my future plans with you. I being a Geek cum Noob am a technology admirer and want to pursue my career in this sector only. I scored 80% in my 10th boards and was almost satisfied...
  4. K

    need help...

    hey folks i need help...... one of my sibling stopped his education after his 12th class........ he passed 12th in 2005......... now the problem is he is preparing for engg entrance exams....... due to his lag years he can only give ip and dce exams...... but the problem is during the placement...
  5. S


    WARNING: This is a rant! If you don't have anything nice or informative to say after reading through this junk, then please refrain from saying anything at all. Right now, I am doing an engineering course in a decent college(ofc nowhere near the level of NITS BITS or IITS). I did my 10th...
  6. C

    Board Exam

    Ok a stupid question, tried ask people but no one knew. So here it is: Is it legal to give board exams (12th) from two different boards? Like from state board and cbse board or any other?? Any idea?
  7. C

    PG, Pune

    Currently studying at MIT Gurukul, Pune. Actually not excatly pune but Loni.. like 20 mins away frm hadapsar. Exams coming up and there is much noise in hostel so need accomodation for a month.. and if I like I will be pg for next year too (12th). Hostel internet, many sites blocked.. so can...
  8. kerthivasan

    any Scientific VIDEO SITES?

    hi guys. can u tell me any sites were i can find scientific videos like www.dnatube.com i am now in my 12th grade also any sites that would be useful to me and the like.
  9. bikdel

    Job after 12th?

    guys... i wanted to ask one thing.. im doing my +2 ryt now and will end some time in march. now what im thinking is to take a break; do some small jobs for 6 months- 1 year . and come back to studying and go for undergraduate level ... i actually wanna earn some money after 12.. i will do...
  10. C

    Anyone here from IB board???

    Me going to pune for doing my 11th and 12th. There they got IB board for 11 and 12th.. Now when I asked those guys ki will I get admission in college easily?? They said that now in India very few colleges recognize IB. They also said ki I can try in Mumbai/Pune colleges. I m not planning to go...
  11. eagle_y2j

    ICSE 12th Computer Science Project

    Can some1 help me by sharing his 12th class computer science project with me or help me to find some source codes of C++ programs ????/?
  12. I

    What is the difference between C and C++?

    Hi Team, I am a novice in programming and have a bit of knowledge in c++(learnt it when i was in 12th). I want to know whats the difference in c and c++? Isnt C++ better than C? If so, then why so many companies use C and not C++?
  13. Sourabh

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling An MTV ad for the unveiling of the Xbox 360 has just appeared online, watch it here. Notice the newly-revised Xbox logo… “A momentous event is coming to MTV… An unveiling, a revelation that will change entertainment forever. Witness it for the first...
  14. H

    GSEB PLease HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello there I just want to know about the new 12'th science stream Syllabus If anyone have it please give me I am in a great need of it
  15. dhawald

    want to do something in multimedia?

    hi i am 19 years old and has passed 12th with science computers are my hobby i am intrested in doing some thing in animation or game development are there any courses in india after 12th where can i get more info about this
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