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Broken In
WARNING: This is a rant! If you don't have anything nice or informative to say after reading through this junk, then please refrain from saying anything at all.

Right now, I am doing an engineering course in a decent college(ofc nowhere near the level of NITS BITS or IITS). I did my 10th boards decently(92%) and managed 88% in my 12th. But, I studied in a school where most people in 11th and 12th went for IIT classes and such. So, as a result I got PWNED by most of them in the boards and they are all at much better institutes(BITS Pilani, IITS, NITT etc). Ofc I don't have any complaints considering that they worked their butt off for nearly 2 years where as I ended up doing stuff like watching football matches on the morning of exams. :D To say that I was too care-free and immature would be an understatement.

But now reality has hit me really hard. While the fact that my friends are better off than me makes me happy for them, I am also extremely disappointed that I didn't push myself to my limit to get into a better institute. Hence even in my very first year of college I'm already thinking of doing PG in MBA(I have no interest in pursuing studies related to engineering after college). Why? Because I know that money makes the world go around and by doing an MBA from a reputed institute(rooting for IIM) I am hoping to make it big as a person in fortune and fame.

While I am sure that I can do the hard work required for CAT/GMAT/TOEFL(haven't studied anything seriously so little chance of getting burnt out), I'm a bit worried that I am short in extra-curricular activities.
My college is good in acads but extra-curriculars such as culturals and the like are almost non-existent. While the college does have sports(Basket ball, Cricket etc) but unfo you are required to have been a hot-shot in a particular game(represented atleast at the district level) to even get selected. On saying that, I have to mention that I am no dweeb either. I have played cricket(pretty well), basket ball(school team) volleyball and even football(the former as pass time and the latter because I really like football). This is a case of being jack of all trades but master of none.

So, at the end of this extremely long ranting post, I ask you knowledgeable souls for advice. Since my college is centered mainly around acads(which I am doing well for the syllabus is quite dumb compared to what I studied in 12th), I don't have other outlets to expand my repertoire inside the campus(I'm a day scholar btw). What should I do to realise and develop the other attributes that I might possess? Or acquire enough "stuff" to get into IIMS etc and do well there? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Call me Sumit
first thing : read smartly for cracking CAT written exams ........

second thing : when u get calls from IIMs then think about interview strategy..

Till then chill off :)
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