1. E

    Help me with my career!!!

    Hey guys I was supposed to clear class 12th this year but my plan didn't work out.Actually by some means it was planned that I would clear class 12th without apearing for it.If you want to know how and have some money and time to waste text me.Trust me I will always be helpfull:laughing_NF:I...
  2. E

    Career options for a computer and mobile troubleshooter

    Hey Guys I am asking this on my friend's brother behalf.Hopefully he will be completing his 12th this year.He is good at problem solving and have a deep interest in computers and mobiles.He has very good knowledge of softwares and can almost any software problem whether it is of mobile or...
  3. A

    Join cyber cell? or career in cyber security?

    I'm in last year of electronics and tele-communication engineering, BE (EXTC). I want to join cyber cell or make career in cyber security. So what I need to do for making career in this, certification? or diploma? or anything else? And 1 friend of mine done 12th, and have interest in this but...
  4. S

    What to do after B.tech(mec) in this situation?

    I'd scored 51% in my 10th(cbse) standard and after 11th i got admission in 12th (vocational in automobile engg.) standard to a gov. CBSE school. I'd passed my 12th board exam successfully but faild in maths subject. Since i had 6 subject( 1)Maths, 2) Engg. science, 3) Applied physics, 4)...
  5. R

    What to do after 12th CBSE [Bad Result]

    Hi folks, I'm pretty much sure that I'm gonna get ~68% in CBSE Boards (12th). I'm a PCM idiot. (Physical Edu.). I'm interested in going for B.Tech(With Hons.) - M.Tech (Dual Degree) [5 Years] [CS] but most universities need the one to score higher than 80% in qualifying exams. What should I...
  6. xSF

    Game Development after +2?

    Hi, I am currently studying in 12th std (classes starting next month). I am confused as what to pursue after 12th. I am interested in game development, and have already made a few decent games using Unity3d. I am more interested in the programming side than the design. I still have not been able...
  7. K

    India is a country of opportunity or not?

    I am a guy.I am 20 years old. I was in E&C engineering but i am a dropout now because i lost interest and the college wasn't what i expected to be.I still tried to get a degree for 3 years after which it seemed obvious it was not my cup of tea..Nevertheless i give importance to college and i...
  8. nikhilsharma007nikx

    HLEP ! pls ... in need of good choices...

    hi guyz, i am in 10th class going through SA I and its real tought... i want to know what can i do after 12th cuz im gonna take PCM with C++ , also im creative good at drawing and can apply my mind into problems, just im not too good with maths just above average and below excellent so i...
  9. Nerevarine

    Zork like game using C++

    This is gonna be a text based adventure game built using C++... Any ideas are welcome.. Im already halfway through, hopefully this will be completed soon.. Any 12th class students want to chip in ? we can make and submit this project together :S
  10. D


  11. mayoorite

    Career in nanotechnology

    I am in 12th Science(PCM). I want to make my career in research and development in nanotechnology . So after 12th which course should i do and please give list of colleges related to it with their fees(if possible).And about their admission procedures. Please reply as soon as possible
  12. aaruni

    After 12th?

    I am a student in 10th and am going to take PCMC in 11th and 12th. Want to do programming and learn hacking(ethical) but i am a n00b as of now. Any suggestions as to what i should do after 12th?
  13. TheLetterD

    In 12th right now, need help planning ahead

    Hello Im in 12th right now and I am EXTREMELY confused. PLEASE help me! I messed up my 11th. Like REALLY REALLY Messed up(I got 56% in my Finals and havent prepared ANY CHAPTER AT ALL for competition exams). Now I am in 12th and I have started studying hard after struggling through the first 2...
  14. @

    [For Sale] LOTR & The Hobbit

    For Sale ! ISBN Book My Price Shipping via Speed Post First Flight 9780395282656 The hobbit 400 20 40 9780345339706 The Fellowship of the Ring 900 Free 50 9780345339713 The Two Towers: The Lord of the Rings--Part Two - - - 9780345339737 The Return of the King: The Lord of the Rings--Part...
  15. CommanderShawnzer

    help me to plan my education/career path

    well i'm a class 10 CBSE student and i want to become a software engineer/programmer/coder/whatever OR a game developer(the one which creates art assets) but i figured becoming a good coder is the stepping stone to GD'ing about me well i'm not exactly a "maths genius" i.e for me algebra in all...
  16. desiJATT

    Courses to opt after 12th

    Hello guys, I am 18 years old and have just completed my 12th class board exams. I am an intelligent student and have a passion for developing in Mobile Phones market. The problem is, i don't have any earlier experience in coding except HTML and PHP (which are pretty old and useless i guess) and...
  17. lovedonator

    What If I don't 'want' to pass 12th?

    Hii,I'm a 17 year old and a digit reader for past 5 years. I'm good with computers(Gaming,modding,creating ROMs for android). I don't have any solid programming knowledge right now but m gonna start very soon. The thing is that I'm totally fed up of studies.I can't bear cramming up stuff.I suck...
  18. Gtb93

    A good parallel study?

    I'm dropping a year now, after my 12th ie. I'm most probably appearing for the medical entrances/hotel mgt. A major mistake I made was dropping math after 10th. I didn't realise it would close all of my options in the field of computers. Anyway, leaving that behind, could you guys suggest any...
  19. art_monu

    best college for CSE

    I have passed 12th and have given IIT-JEE 2011. I expect to clear the cutoff but chances of getting Computer Science in any IIT is very low. Please tell which will be the best college for studying Computer Science and Engineering except the IITs? I have done my 12th from Delhi so I get 85%...
  20. M

    CBSE 2009 Class 10th and 12th Results by Email

    CBSE 2009 Class 10th and 12th Results by Email http://results.nic.in/StudentRegistration.aspx :)
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