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  1. chanchalchatt

    15" Good 1080P monitor

    Please help me to buy a 15" good 1080P monitor with HDMI port supported Advanced thanks.
  2. P

    720p vs 1080p

    what happens when we play a 720p video on a lappi with 1080p resolution laptop? What is visible diff bet lappies with 720p n 1080p disply?
  3. azbokikr

    New PC for around 15-20k

    Hi guys, Posting on behalf of a friend who is looking to replace his P4 based rig. He already has a Samsung 19 inch LCD monitor so that won't be needed. He uses his PC till it stops working, so a little bit of future-proofing will help a great deal 1. What is the purpose of the computer...
  4. Zangetsu

    Understanding HD...

    Hi Guys, Lots of u have watched Full-HD Content (1080p). So I wanna clear the concept of 'what is HD'. High-Definition Video consists of two things A.Resolution above 720p but 1080p is full HD. B.Video Bitrate the more the bitrate the more the crsytal clarity... But I have a...
  5. M

    Resolution query

    Hi guys, Can a 1600x900 monitor handle 1080p videos perfectly..?
  6. R

    Laptop display: 1080p VS 720p?

    Hello! I have plans of getting a laptop really soon and am confused whether i should go for a laptop that gives me a 1080p display or a 720p display. Keeping in mind that the 1080p display costs me a rough 6k more than 720p...is the difference in terms of quality really worthy of spending the...
  7. K

    Join Full HD Movies (1080p)

    I have The Dark Knight (Full HD - 1080p) in 3 parts (3.7GB each). I wanted to know is there any software that can join these three parts to one movie without any loss in video or audio quality. I have banged :banghead: my head everywhere on the net but couldn't find one. Please help. I...
  8. P

    Motherboard GPU and PSU Queries

    Hi All, Planning to buy a New Unit. I have already deceided on the processor- Athlon X-II X4,635. Please suggest me a motherboard,GPU and PSU for the same. I will be primarily using this for gaming and watching HD Movies. I am having a LCD television (32 inch -Full HD 1080P)...
  9. D

    have you guys seen iron baby?

    take a look at iron baby here- IRON BABY Please watch in 1080p.....its really amazing.
  10. R

    CPU cooler @2k

    Monitor+CPU cooler @13.5k i have a intel e7200 proccy and i need a cooler for it.my budget is around 2k max 2.3k.plz suggest some models also a 1080p monitor.preferably a 24inch one and with good response times.i dont play games except PES
  11. R

    Monitor 24inch vs CPU cooler+monitor 22inch

    for a budget of 12k what would be ideal? afaik the benq 24inch comes for 11.5k or should i buy a 22inch (recommend a model) + Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev2 i need a 1080p monitor.is running at 1080p on 22inches the same as running 1024x768 on a 15inch?? current config intel...
  12. E

    What's the difference between Watching 1080p videos on 1080p & 720p Monitor???

    Hi, QUERY: Long had been my doubt on this subject (since last year, When I had been looking for mera pehla LCD) and still haven't got clarified. Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind in replying to this thread is 1:1 Pixel mapping. But what exactly is the difference in 1:1...
  13. thetechfreak

    Difference between 1080i and 1080p

    What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?
  14. A

    Hardware upgrade to play 1080p Movies

    Hi, I bought a new Samsung 2233SW monitor.I tried to play some HD movies.I can play the 720p movies without any problem,but cant play 1080p movies smoothly. My 4 year old PC's config is: AMD Athlon 3000+ MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum 1 GB DDR1 Leadtek 6600GT Which one should I...
  15. ╬Switch╬

    Which GFX card to play 1080p???

    Hi, I have a P4 3.0 GHz CPU and onboard graphics from ATI and 1GB of RAM. Im having problems playing 1080p videos on it, so I have decided to get a basic video card to help me play these videos. Im not much of a gamer, and it would be great if I could have a smooth Windows Vista and 7...
  16. IronManForever

    Will my PC play 1080p?

    Hey guys :) ; This is my PC specification. Intel Celeron D 2.26 GHz 256 kB L2 ECS P4M800-M Via Motherboard VT8237 Southbridge 1GB DDR 400 Eagle - NVidia GeForce FX 5200 128 MB 128 bit AGP Seagate Barracuda 80 GB 7200 RPM MoserBaer/Lite-ON DVD-RAM Drive Samsung 920NW 19” Widescreen...
  17. clmlbx

    any difference between 1080p video and dvd watching on a normal 17 inch samsung crt ?

    any difference between 1080p video and dvd ,watching on a normal 17 inch samsung crt ? if i watch 1080p on a my 17 inch samsung crt will it be better then dvd quality ? as my monitor is not hd ? means technically and can i see the difference in quality my system is capable of playing video...
  18. soumya

    Samsung demos 82-inch 2160p HDTV

    And you thought your 1080p TV is great! http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/37511/97/
  19. amrawtanshx

    Can i play 720p & 1080p on my pc????

    Can i play 720p & 1080p videos on my pc Plzzzz reply
  20. N

    24" LCD Price?

    HI , Anybody please tell me the price of 24" inch WS Dell and viewsonic monitors that having native resolution to handle 1080p?
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