1. esumitkumar

    You requested a new Facebook password ~~Help!

    Hi Every 5-10 days, I receive this mail in my gmail inbox " You requested a new Facebook password".. I know some of my friend is trying to gain access to my fb account..How do I track his IP using gmail headers ? or any other hint to know his location ? Rgds Sumit
  2. M

    how to open blocked sites??!!

    how to open blocked sites like face book ,torrent sites.when i click on this sites in google it gives like "The URL you requested has been blocked".please help me...
  3. G

    Help : Free Visual Studio Express 2010

    Can Visual Studio Express 2010 used for developing & deploying Commercial Application ? Requested to Highlight Limitation with respect to Visual Studio Professional 2010
  4. C

    can't install fedora 14 dual boot with window 7.

    i have also attached the screen shot of disk management along with. kindly guide me the step. as i am getting the message "Could not allocate requested partitions: not enough free space on disks" i am having intel i3 processor with intel original mother board and 2 GB DDR3 ram.
  5. sujeet2555

    Gear of war giving Error

    Config AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor,2GB DDR2,ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics,ATI HDMI Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio,Win XP Pro-sp2 firstly ,it gives error of kernel32.dll .so i updated it with the latest it give error as --------------------------- Microsoft Visual...
  6. iinfi

    rpm from ./configure make n make install...

    for most of the newer versions of s/w i find that RPMs are not available and i have to compile from the source where i run ./configure make n make install... to install the s/w. is it possible to get the RPM of that s/w after installing the s/w so that i can use it to install on other...
  7. M

    Zebronics 6600 Pciex 256 Mb Gfx Card

    Hi guys, Im selling my own NVIDIA 6600 PCI EXPRESS 256 MB GRAPHICS CARD, which has NVIDIA 6200 TURBOCACHE CHIPSET-GPU, just 1.5 yrs old. Under good working condition, but warranty expired. Driver cd available. If requested will post the snaps of the card. Quote the pricing...
  8. srikanth.9849671439

    bought creative zen 4gb...

    hi, I got creative zen 4gb for 3.2k:smile:.... my friend came from america and I requested him to bring it and he bought it .......
  9. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Bad news me and growing bloggers

    Today i got this Email from my webhost. I am soo confused what to do. Am trying to contact my web-host now. I get daily visitor of 3000+ on Wordpress Stats and 1100 Unique Visitors a day. And now i got this email. This is tiny website according to stats
  10. V

    Internet Error Codes

    Internet Error Codes:- Here are the most common codes and messages you're likely to see on your Web browser (HTTP), when accessing Usenet, using e-mail, or using the FTP protocol to upload or download files. The codes can generally by grouped as follows - 100-199 - Information...
  11. A

    shipit query...

    I don't know whether i have started my thread in the right place or not..But i think opensource is appropriate place to share my experience with ship it.... I requested 4 ubuntu CD's and i recieved it....Then,i requested 2 edubuntu and 2 Kubuntu CD's from and...

    Help:urgent: Cant Dwnld anything from rapidshare.

    I'm new to rapidshare. I cant dwnld anything from rapidshare. When I try to dwnld anything i get a page like this. there is two options "premium" and "free". After clicking 'free' i get apage like this...
  13. satyamy

    Paypal Payment Question .....?

    I have some paypal issue I have 495$ in my paypal a/c i requested a cheque they told me that $ to Rs. rate is 39.1657 instead of 40.45 why did they do so.......? On Thursday I requested for a cheque, today(tuesday) it is showing "Check Issued" in Status of withdraw So How many days will it...
  14. M

    half life epsode 1 help

    i recently bought this game.but when i start the game it crashes flashing message: microsoft visual c++ runtime this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. please help!!!!:(
  15. D

    what is nqafiuei.dll????

    After the recent cleaning of my comp to get rid of malware, I continue to receive this message at startup : " nqafiuei.dll is missing. The requested module could not be found" What the hec is meant? How do I get rid of the message?
  16. M

    HTTP error ,,,,,how to solve this ,,,,,,

    hi whenever i m trying to download some softies from with internet download manager i m getting this messege,,,,,, REQUESTED FILE DOESNOT EXISIT,, details,,,,, HTTP/1.1404 NOT FOUND suggestion guys manoj
  17. expertno.1

    start my own sms server

    how to start my own sms server of course free ones so that ppl typing a text and sending a message and they get the requested ringtones i will upload the ringtones in the server anyone who knows ?
  18. cool_dude_prav

    Could someone do this?? For all Debian-derived users...

    Could someone plz post a small Step-by-Step tutorial for Debian-derived-Linux users on how to install .tar.gz packages..? I had requested our Moderator GNUrag... but he seemed a bit busy... Could someone else take over??? Tnx in advance...
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