1. papul1993

    Need an Android phone below 10k

    Hi, I had a Xolo Q700 which died after a little over a year. So I am looking for my next phone. My primary requirement is that it is android and has good dev support so that I can try out different ROMs and root. My budget is max 10k. I wish to stay away from brands like Xolo, Micromax etc...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Flipkart goofs up, delivers Xolo Q900s instead of Xolo Win Q900s

    Source : Flipkart goofs up, delivers Xolo Q900s instead of Xolo Win Q900s | Digit.in Shame on Flipkart!!!:-x
  3. kool

    ►► Android apps like instagram, paytm, bookmyshow not working on my mobile/tablet using BSNL WIFI.

    Hi guys, I was using wired BSNL broadband on my PC and using all apps on my cellphone/tablet using connectify hotspot PC software. But last month i switched to ULD 1445 plan and wireless TP-LINK modem (TL-WR740N). But now i m facing some problem after few days. I have Nexus 7 and XOLO Q800...
  4. I

    Xolo Play Tegra note-issues

    My new tab,which I bought only a few months back is facing the following issues: Tegra app doesn't launch when the stylus is removed Not able to pair via bluetooth with Samsung Galaxy Y Wifi tethering is not implemented properly On enabling Wireless display to Samsung smart TV via Wifi...
  5. I

    Xolo Play Tegra Note-Service related help

    I took my Xolo Play Tegra Note tab to authorized service centre. He said that water/sweat might have entered the microUSB port and he'll charge Rs.750 for replacing the port in spite of the product being within the warranty period. But I use it in a normal way I and I don't think what he said...
  6. theserpent

    Xolo Hive

    Xolo to Debut Hive UI on New Flagship Android Smartphone in July: Report | NDTV Gadgets - - - Updated - - - Looks pretty neat
  7. Skyh3ck

    Xolo Mobile Service center in Mumbai ???????

    hey guys my xolo Q700 phone is behaving very badly, the right sie of touch is not working, it was bought from amazon 6 months back. i tried to flash the phone and did a factroy reset, but no success, its seems the touch is gone, has anyone services there xolo phone in mumbai, there are 7 or 8...
  8. B

    XOLO Q3000 review from a Samsung owner!

    Hello Friends, I just brought A Xolo Q3000 to replace my stellar Samsung Note GT-n7000. I always had a soft spot for Indian Brands. My Wife and sister use Lava 504Q. My Dad uses Micromax. I never had any problems with them. As a result,I thought of going local for my own personal Devices. I...
  9. S

    Need head set for XOLO Q1100

    Hi guys, I have bought a XOLO Q1100 mobile one month back. I need suggestion from U that which kind of headset is suitable for it. My budget is Rs.1000 - 2000. Wired and wireless is not a problem(prefer wired). thanks.
  10. A

    Xolo q3000 vs lg l90 d410

    Hey guys So specification wise, Xolo q3000 is ahead of LG l90 d410 in most of the aspects, but I am still unsure about the after sales services of Xolo. Any thoughts on this factor? Has anybody got an experience with Xolo mobiles/their services in person? Moreover if you could compare...
  11. sandynator

    Xolo Q1100 v/s Xolo Q1010i under 12k budget

    Guys, suppose if I want to choose some cheaper 5 inch featured/power packed Android DUAL SIM phone in 12k then which one is best? I know Moto G is good but do not want anything below 5 incher. The newer Xolo Q1010i has Exmor R camera sensor of sony, slight more battery 2250Mah & promised Kitkat...
  12. S

    XOLO Q500 rooting

    Anybody knows how to root XOLO Q500 ????
  13. bestpain

    confused between two mobiles

    1. Budget? at max 8k can increase a little 2. Display type and size? good colour production and resolution.....size not more than 4.5inch(can work with 1 hand) 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? any 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen...
  14. N

    Xolo Play T1000 vs Xolo Q1100

    Guys I'm looking to buy a mobile within 16K within the next 2-3 weeks. I know that the Moto G is probably the best in this range however it doesn't suit my requirements of Expandable memory. After research I've come to a confusion between the Xolo Play T1000 and the Xolo Q1100. On one hand the...
  15. dashing.sujay

    [Praise] Xolo : Pretty quick or may be luck

    So my friend had this Xolo A700 and it's ear speaker was not functioning. And since Xolo service centres are not every where, he gave his phone to me while coming to Delhi. I went to the service centre as per the address listed on website. But it was relocated to somewhere else, so I went...
  16. C

    best gaming smartphone Windows/Android under 15000

    Which one to choose between: Xperia L Xolo play t1000 Canvas Magnus or any other suggestions?
  17. Amir.php

    Query Regarding Xolo Q500

    Hi guys...since a long time i have posted on forum. Currently i have a query regarding xolo q500. According to the specifications...its looking nice quad core android mob with 1 gb of ram...and all great features...for solid value of money in approx 7000 ₹. I am thinking to buy it... Before...
  18. bee

    XOLO q800 gets an upgrade :D :D :D

    you heard that right!! 4.2.1 jellybean for the homegrown q800 just a couple of hours ago a notification pops up saying, 'an update is available' and im like what?? done it now and the phone looks refreshingly new( what else should i say) well done XOLO team, you did the unexpected...
  19. quagmire

    Xolo Play Tegra Note listed on Flipkart for Rs 18,990

    XOLO Play Tegra Note Tablet Price in India - Buy XOLO Play Tegra Note Tablet 16 GB Online - XOLO: Flipkart.com - Source
  20. N

    XOLO a500s IPS or XOLO Q500 OGS

    I want to buy a mobile and I have marked down two models XOLO a500s IPS XOLO Q500 OGS I want to know if there is any difference between IPS and OGS. I heard XOLO is having bad service. Any other phone in this range (budget - 8000 max) I don't want Lumia 520 as I need to cut the sim.
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