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I m using xilisoft full version converter but when it converted any mpeg file to avi
The file size increases very much whats wrong please tell me friends I mean when
It converts a file from mpeg to avi it shows very much files size.i have also tried by
Some changes like bit rate etc. but nothing reduces files size.thanks in advance


u have not set the ripper to use a compression algorithm. U are simply encoding to avi format without any compresion. Use a compression codec such as DivX, XviD or TSCC...


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yea use some codec for compression...
or atleast change the video/audio bitrates a little...


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ya... seems so... I'ld suggest u go for Super which is free & @least as good as the best costly converter :D

Besides, check out ur source videos' codec & size & bitrate (including audio) then convert to lower quality/quantity... u screwed up something here.. no doubt.
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