1. L

    Need your Guidance ASAP for converting MP4 to PPEG

    I've been facing this issue for quite a while now. I've got converter software which converts one audio/video format from one to another format. When I convert any movie in MP4 format to MPEG format and play it in my Home DVD player it refuses to play saying no audio. Amazingly if...
  2. K

    how mpeg videos

    Hi Guys, It relates Apple iphone3g, the model is A1241. I want to copy the MPEG VIDEOS from a DVD rom into my iphone( mentioned here) with the help of my laptop. Step by step procedures?
  3. mayoorite

    Tablet under Rs 10000/-

    hi guys i am collecting money for my first tablet pc and could afford tablet under Rs 10000/-.So suggest me some which are reliable for long term use like nokia phones.It should have 3g,should able to open .docx,.pptx,.pdf formats.I am class xi student and need for general purpose.But it should...
  4. SpectateSwamp

    The best Mpeg video player - Swamp Video and Desktop Search

    There is little doubt that mpeg has become the standard video format on the net and home computing. Waaay back (2002) when this app's video capabilities were being added; Mpeg gave you the ability to start and stop play anywhere in a clip. For that reason Mpg format became the focus. (Avi Wmv...
  5. napster007

    Sony bravia {help needed}

    today i got the new Sony Bravia NX-500 40" installed. I enjoyed most of its features. But i'm not able to solve an issue, the Tv boasts a USB port for movies and music. Its supports MPEG 1 and 2. Now once i converted my AVI files into the MPEG i'm able to view them but the thing is the frame is...
  6. Phantom Lancer

    Movie DVD Authoring

    I am trying to rip some of my dvd movies and create a 4 in 1 movie disc . right up till now i have managed to rip the movies to my hard disc as avi(using autogk and dvd decrypter) and also mpeg(using total video converter) . I am using sony dvd architect 4.5 for creating the dvds . The problem...
  7. Gauravs90

    H.264 converter

    Hi friends I want dedicated H.264 AVC converter. For converting DVD and MPEG files pls help me
  8. R

    Need MPEG converter or File reducer

    Hi, I have MPEG file which is too large in size. Need a solution to reduce size or software which converts file to any other format and reduces size. Thanks, Rajanav
  9. A

    Run MPEG files in Fedora 9

    In Fedora mpeg codec is not distributed as it is proprietry but you can get it legally. Just install Linva realese for fedora 9 from here * and then go in terminal and type su then your password of root. Then type yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly then...
  10. thetillian

    Divx to Mpeg

    Hai friend i had a lot of divx videos that i had downloaded and now i want to burn them to dvds to view in my dvd player, as my dvd player doesnot support divx i had to convert them to mpeg so that i can burn them to dvd, and i use adobe encoredvd to make my dvd movies with menus so i wanted to...
  11. A

    Vob to Vob cut how to do it any idea

    How to cut vob files directly Vob to Vob cut any software there i tried many softwares but all software who tell vob to vob dont do it they do vob to mpeg , or vob to avi . i want to cut directly from vob to vob without reencoding like how we can do mpeg to mpeg or avi to avi without...
  12. M

    How to Convert Video Files into MPEG 4 or M4V Format?

  13. Q

    .flv convert prob

    Hello Everyone! Guys i have some .flv files which am looking watch in my tv, so i convert that files into VCD mpeg format with the help of total video converter, the converted files plays just video not the audio, what may the reason? is there any s/f to convert .flv into mpeg? And...
  14. D

    A VCD cutter and a joiner - mandates...

    Haah! lately I used Virtualdub for all type of video editing and it worked superbly, but the only catch the output is AVI(Which is actually good) But I need a Freeware or shareware software which does the job of Clipping and joining of multiple MPEG video files.... and output in MPEG only...
  15. T

    Powerpoint to mpeg converter needed ?

    :D Which is the best FREEWARE PowerPoint to mpeg converter ? Please advice me.
  16. Binay 007

    how to covert flv files to mpeg

    i had downloaded lots of file frm youtube & now now i want to covert all the files to mpeg formate so i can run it on my dvd player does anybody know how i conver it to mpeg formate. thx in advaced:cool:
  17. Gigacore

    Is fedora 7 comes pre-installed with all the codecs?

    is it? does the fedora 7 provided by this month's digit come pre-installed with all the codec like mp3, mpeg, dat, etc. . ? and whats the disk space required for full installation?
  18. T

    MPEG Vs VOB (Need Help)

    Hi, I m having DVD camcoder. Where lots of MPEG files recorded on every start/stop button. Now, after finalising the DVD from Camcorder's menu. The disc is ready to play in DVD player. And by Sony's Picture Motion Browser s/w, I can import Clips (MPEG) from the DVD. And after Exporing the DVD, I...
  19. rajat22

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.2.5

    Homepage - * Size: 15.7 MB Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack * Mirror Use Right-click on Download and "Save Target As..."
  20. Dhaval

    DVD authoring problem

    Hello, The problem is i have some VOB files with Dolby and DTS streams. I want to burn them to a DVD without losing any of the audio streams, i have tried using WinDVD and CyberLink Power Producer to do so, what they are doing is they are converting it to PCM or MPEG stereo streams. Can...
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