1. A

    Audiophilia: Meetup group for audiophiles

    I've started a Meetup group for audiophiles. It is absolutely free. Members of this forum are welcome to join the group and make it their own. Link: Audiophilia (Audiophile Heaven) - Meetup.com Also, feel free to join the Whatsapp group. Send a request to +91-9910623813. Thank You...
  2. J

    alternate option for fixing avi index?

    can anybody tell me the alternate option for fixing avi index which vlc player shows for a broken avi file....and it takes too much time for fixing it..:sad:
  3. N

    suggest me any LCD TV which play HD avi,mp4,flv,mpeg,VOB

    first of all i request the admin to plz dont delete this thread if it is posted in wrong section..i am a very newbie in this forum and plz forgive me if i made any mistake.... today i bought LG 32LK311 LCD TV...But when connected i found that through usb it can play avi file only..also avi...
  4. Chetan1991

    Help! Geexbox wont notice movies in its media.

    Hola. Has anyone used geexbox?? Its a small live distro, 20mb or so. A program called 'generator' can be used to make a custom bootable iso, to which you can add movies, codecs etc. So i was planning to make a custom dvd with generator to archive 6 movies, which total 4.1 gb, but no matter...
  5. esumitkumar

    Suggest a cheap and best DVD player (with USB)

    Hi All I have a Kingston 2 GB pen drive..Most of the movies I dload on my PC but I want to see them on my Panasonic 21" TV. Please suggest a cheap and best DVD player with USB capability. If I copy avi movie with subtitle (usually 700MB) in my pen drive and then insert it in DVD player...
  6. julius43

    Avi to Rm format

    Can you suggest a good software for me to convert some of my anime collection to rm format. Some files I got which are already in rm format (65 mb to 75 mb each) have the same audio/video quality to that of an avi file which is 175 mb each.
  7. ritvij

    dvd problemssssss.....

    Hey guys I downloaded a movie via bit torrent but the problem is i don't have a dvd writer.. how can i burn the avi file into two cd's. is it possible usiing nero??? Pls help..:idea::idea::idea::idea:
  8. IronCruz

    avi to mkv

    i want to convert avi files into mkv files...so please suggest a good soft...
  9. Sridhar_Rao

    DVD player & file formats

    Which brand or make of DVD player is available that can play following additional video file formats: avi, wmv, mov asx and flash files?
  10. go4saket

    MOV to AVI?

    Hello Friends! I have DVD player that supports MPEG4 AVI files but not MOV format. Now as I have a lot of videos in MOV format and I want to watch them in my TV, please advice me a good software that can convert MOV to MPEG4. I tried Dr DIVX & AtoGK but both couldnt. I need a software that...
  11. S

    Unable to play VCDs on my laptop.

    Hi Friends, I am facing a peculiar issue playing VCDs on my laptop. When I load the VCDs, they show as DAT files and I change the extension to AVI to play the videos in the VLC player. But this is kind of annoying as the video quality (after changing the ext to avi) is poor. The OS is Windows...
  12. T

    media files changed to jpeg format

    hi everyone, yesterday i have surfed the internet in my pc.then i went to the college.in the evening,when i opt to open the mp3 files and avi files,it have changed to the jpg format.is any other way to change it?
  13. Shasanka_Gogoi

    How to cut away parts from .AVI files without any loss in quality

    i have a few avi video files,,, some of dem r in widescreen and some not... wat i wanna do is to cut a particular part of dat avi file and delte d rest wthout affectn d quality or d aspect ratio of d video,,, iv tried dis usin NERO bt d output video file size is very very high (coz d main motive...
  14. Chetan1991

    Want a small freeware to merge two avi files

    Hi all. Does any one of you know about a simple and small freeware which can merge two avi files into one??? If yes, please give me links. Thanx in advance.
  15. M

    Need help of my newest MP4 player?

    I bought MP4 player from China last week. Once I receive the player, I am so happy with its beautiful looking. But I am sad with its terrible manual and its software when I turn on it. The device has marked on the player itself saying that it is an AVI player. It contains a demo avi file which...
  16. ironfreak

    best method to convert mkv into TV playable format

    I've dozens of .mkv motion pictures i.e those HD ripped.... Which is best among this is the best format to play on TV- MP4 (i think recognized by X360 right?) AVI (DivX or anything else) Which of the above will best maintain the quality of the native ? And which software programs to use ...
  17. K

    Need to convert to a DVD to 700mb avi format....

    Can any one suggest a software for converting a full dvd into a 700 mb file in avi format with same quality........i see a large number of files being transfered like that in the websharing sites
  18. A

    how to avi format video on n73?

    guys how to avi format video on n73? i tried eti camcoder but there is none for 3rd gen s60 :( anyother option?
  19. saurabhpatel

    NEED : AVI Player and Music Plyer with Manual EQ for W950.

    My fiend has SE W950i, since he wanted a non-camera phone with good sound. (In case you are wondering why he bought that crap) Inspite of it being touted as a smartphone. there seems to be a dearth of apps for UIQ3. Regular .SIS files wouldn't run on it. The walkman application on SE W950i...
  20. mohitgiri

    flv to avi converter

    hi friends plz tell me about a flv to avi converter which is freeware and works really fast. regds
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