1. coderunknown

    Optimal Disk Pro & Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate [GIVEAWAY]

    Optimal Disk Pro (free version avl too) is a HDD activity monitoring software. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is a video converting software that supports many formats & and also takes advantage of multicore processors. Giveaway page: Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate & Optimal...
  2. latino_ansari

    Ripping DVDs????

    Hey i have got GunsN'Roses video DVD... I want to store it in the HDD with each song seperate... which Ripping software should i use and which format is the best... I tried Xilisoft DVD ripper with DivX(avi) as the format and The output i get is little bit Choppy and sound is not good as in...
  3. jatt

    xilisoft video converter

    I m using xilisoft full version converter but when it converted any mpeg file to avi The file size increases very much whats wrong please tell me friends I mean when It converts a file from mpeg to avi it shows very much files size.i have also tried by Some changes like bit rate etc. but...
  4. N

    help with video encoding(divx and xvid)

    hi i am experiencing converting mpeg1 and vob vidz to divx and xvid. i have the latest codecs(k lite latest) ...and divx latest instaled.i use a-one video converter and xilisoft avi mpeg onnverter to convert between files.the problem is that while the songs files rip very well,movies sometimes...
  5. maharajadhiraj

    Xilisoft 3gp Converter problem...

    Some of the videos that I am converting from the Xilisoft 3gp Video Converter are not being synchronized prperly...The sound is coming much later...The video quality isnt too good......Is there a problem wid d software...Could u guyz suggest some other softwares??
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