WTF!! Too Much SPAM in Digit

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My sleeping patterns have changed greatly + Exams are on + the "Delete all Spam posts" feature is broken = Too much spam in Digit. Anyways, the other mods are doing a superb job. :)

But not much can be done till we get some better anti-spam filters.


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Hey look ! Pathik is himself a bot :)
and looks like some key forum members are either out on a holiday or were disgusted and left the forum...


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I'm ready to moderate the forums and clean the mess out as I'm online daily. If the admin or any other mods wants any help they can surely count on me.

Do let me know if there is anything I can do cause I really like this forum and I don't wanna see it going down like this.

Peace out.


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Also the minimum timeout between reporting SPAM is way too long. If hinders well wishers from reporting all the spam they find.


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the forum is too bloated..I am using Opera 10 with Turbo to save whatever bandwitdth I Can ... one of the better forums around in the internet is the Mafia wars has no ad's whatsoever.... see for yourselves at

Digit mentions too much around the mag requesting us to visit and even the editors letter to us (in march 2010) tells us that this is heart and soul of digit...I know i might get banned for this post but please keep the forums secluded of adds and etc...see the examples link i have given and see that it might seem dull but tech enthusiasts like that (i hope)
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