1. nac

    Misuse of mobile no.

    Out of curiosity I googled my mobile no. shockingly search results come up with a firm I am not associate with and even worse under contact person, my name is printed. WTF :mad: Tried to open the link, it's not opening. Is the fake company closed? Should I worry about this? Anyone faced like...
  2. Vyom

    How come moto g4 doesn't have a compass!!! Wtf.. What is this? 2006?

    <RANT> How come, one of the best phone Moto G4, a 15K around phone, doesn't have a Compass!! Seriously What is Motorola/Lennovo thinking??? Be it or not, but this Compass thing have become a deal breaker for my friend from choosing it over other 2 phones (link below) this otherwise solid...
  3. S

    4K Display Lenovo y50 available on Flipkart for 1,20,000 Rs ....... WTF!

    Here is the link - Lenovo Y50-70 Notebook (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 4GB Graph) (59-441908) vs Lenovo Y50 Notebook (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 4GB Graph) (59-441907): Compare Computers:
  4. C

    Nexus 5 OTG?

    hey, so what am i missing here? I picked up a simple OTG cable for my nexus 5 in with the hopes i could connect my ps3 contoller. Nexus 5 no supporty otg? wtf is that all about. Should i just skip it and drop some hard earned coin on a moga controller?
  5. CommanderShawnzer

    Videocon d2h vs TataSky HD.Help me decide

    As in title,confused b/w both of these two DTH providers Which is better and VFM? I find myself inching towards tatasky but their prices are a deterrent(HD access fee? wtf? are we cows to you??? :x ) Also where will they fit the dish? Not everyone has a balcony/verrandah/terrace
  6. quan chi

    Tablet showing low memory.Suggestions req.

    Guys i have put a 16gb microsd card in Micromax funbook but it only shows free space of 1.2gb Now WTF is happening! can anybody please guide.
  7. S

    wrong GPU in g6 2005ax

    Ok. I know what you are about to say. You'll say that dont worry its 7670m and its just showing as 7600m. But that seems not to be the case here. Here is my point. In adobe photoshop cs6. IF you got to perference > performance > . First you'll see cs6 too showing a 7640+7600. if you enter...
  8. montsa007

    Access to vimeo blocked!

    Using MTNL Net in Office suddenly to see this - Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders WTF!?
  9. revolt

    Kindly help with this forum policy.

    I am observing that for many days that asingh is giving me infractions after infractions.Therefore I thought of giving him some.But wtf is this I don’t find any options like this.Why such kind of discrimination against me.
  10. sujoyp

    I got mail for 2000MGHZ lappy Wow I am getting a 2000MGHZ lappy with this offer...what do u guys say:lol::lol: WTF yaar I could not upload the pic nor thumbnail:x even after trying 15 mins
  11. tarey_g

    WTF digit !

    There are already several threads complaining the issues on the forum and I was in no mood to start a new one but this is ridiculous, there is a limit of tolerating mismanagement in a website you visit daily. I had 90 unread posts this morning out of which 28 were spam! See the percentage of...
  12. M

    WTF!! Too Much SPAM in Digit

    WTF!!! Too Much SPAM in Digit :mad: I am not sure whether these SPAMS are from SPAM BOTS or From Real Humans who just register here to SPAM, Get Banned and Re-Register Again and Again. I haven't seen any other popular technology forums dealing with so many SPAM messages on a daily basis. :mad...
  13. Plasma_Snake

    C drive being chewed up

    for past 1 week, my desktop is constantly showing C nearly full, only 20-50MB empty outta 40GB. I cleaned it up, deleted few things and got nearly 5GB of free space but by evening it again showed only 100MB of free space! :-o WTF is going on??? :-x
  14. M

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense Now these NETAs started using AdSense. Itna Paisa Kahan se Aaya inke paas Google ko Pay Karne ke liye :-x:-x:-x
  15. T

    WTF TDF ROLF Meaning please???

    WTF: What the Fuk? TDF: Thinkdigit Forum ROLF: ??? add more................
  16. Psychosocial

    Need help with PSP

    Well I have a problem with my Memory Stick. Whenever I connect PSP to PC....Windows shows that you need to format the device. If I format the MS via Windows (in any format, FAT, exFAT, NTFS) states the capacity as 966kb (WTF)..I even tried formatting it via PSP...what shall I do ? I am on...
  17. ajooba215

    entity too large????

    i`ve been using bsnl gprs for 2 months..and now....they`ve started s*cking like other providers...entity too large...that means i can`t downlaod file more than 1-2 mb there a way to fool them..coz this is really leaving me nowhere...
  18. Psychosocial


    I need to make a project on Gandhiji's autobiography (WTF!! :mad:) What I have to do is read the first 25 chapters (not pages but chapters) and write a summary in one page and also the moral. I have to give this on 29th of this month. Now the problem is I cant read so much sh1t and that also...
  19. walkmanguru

    WTF lighteffects on my w580i! must see!

    See the wtf lighteffects on my w580i... GKFw7vMuHDE Download at
  20. ring_wraith

    WTF? Paypal is flicking my money....

    I recently received 25USD from someone, and when I logged into my paypal a/c i saw that i had to click the accept button. In the row of that payment, it said Fee=0$. Once I clicked the accept button, my a/c balance increased by 23.8 USD. I was like "WTF Where did the ~1$ go???" Then I...
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