1. tkin

    How WinRAR Destroyed My System, A Fair Warning To You All.

    Prepare yourselves, cause you are about to hear one of the most horrific stories in your life, ok, may not that much, but still scared the daylights out of me :cry: So there I was, one fine morning, with a cup of coffee, browsing through usual 4chan cr@p(/b/), when all of a sudden my...
  2. ithehappy

    Best Compression method in WinRAR?

    As the topic asks, can you guys tell me the best compression method while compiling a file with WinRAR. I am trying to compress a 800 mb .MKV file with 'Best' method but it becomes 799 mb. Is there a way to make it smaller without touching the quality of the original file? Thanks in advance.
  3. doomgiver

    softwares needed for xubuntu

    running xubuntu 11.04 natty. i need a media convertor(converting songs and video to other formats) and a archive manager (preferred with gui, like winrar) thanks.
  4. G

    how to unlock folder lock 6.05

    hello i m new user here and i ll tell you my problem. At 2008 i had installed folder lock 6.05 at my old pc and create a locker (like safe). After almost 3 years I tried to use my old pc and access the locker, all passwords i used were incorrect...the files are 50 GB and offcourse I need them...
  5. ithehappy

    Winrar benchmark slow in Win 7 x64 compared to Win XP x86! Any ideas?

    Hi, I was doing the Winrar benchmark test both in Windows XP x86 and Windows 7 x64, but the results came was awkward. It came much higher in XP x86, about 4100 while in Windows 7 x64 it's just 2900-3000. Now may I know what's causing this? I also ran a 3DMark Vantage benchmark suggested by S_V...
  6. H

    Free winrar recovery tool

    suggest Free winrar recovery tool ?
  7. D

    7-zip application question...

    Hello there.. After i compress files using 7-zip, is there any way i can get those files to extract automatically just by double clicking on them? Winrar seems to have the feature SFX script commands which is very useful but i dont think 7-zip does.
  8. deathofe

    Bouqet of Linux-based QUESTIONS.

    Hi, I got some questions related to linux :- Q1. Which one is better to begin with linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint? Q2. How to burn the installation CD for Linux Mint which came in Oct 2008 isuue. Its an iso image. Shall I extract all the contents through WinRar and then burn a Bootable CD with Nero...
  9. expertno.1

    The Most Efficient Compressor , and its free too .

    I have seen many posting about compression programs , etc so i decided to geive them the best . Yep you heard right , am talking about the most efficient compressor that would give extreme compression qualtiy with less time . You would be thinking of 7-zip , winrar , etc for speed and...
  10. U

    How to move files in Winrar without extraction

    Suppose the directory structure in a rar file is as follows A - B - C.exe I want to remove the folder A or cut the folder B to opening of Winrar such that the directory structure is as follows: B - C.exe Is it possible to do without extracting files from the winrar or I'll have to...
  11. A

    how its possible..such high compression with winrar

    hi guys i have one winrar file and it contain an iso file of window 6-1 xp 64 bit now the main thing size of winrar approx 10 mb size of iso file approx 3.25 gb plz tell me how this can be possible its not of kgb file.just iso n such high to do this with winrar
  12. A

    needa help for compressing

    hi guys recently i came across many winrar file which are of very less size n on extraction it give a vry big file....its not from kgb archive just simple winrar....can anyone tell me the method so that even i can do it??? these file are generally of iso type i wana compress my movie...
  13. S

    Winrar Password Problem

    hi this is sahil. recently i downloaded a music album named papa roach - infest from RAPIDSHARE. this was a .rar file and is password protected. now i'm unable to open it. please help me regarding this. are there any winrar password crackers available???
  14. User Name

    How to set password to winrar file?

    How to set password to winrar file? I tried using set default password in file menu but it didin't worked. It never ask me to enter the password :(
  15. rohitshubham

    dos compression

    hi one of my friend gave me san andreas and it was compressed in only 1 cd after being installed it becam a 4 gb file i dont know that how it was compressed . first it was an sfx of winrar and then dos opened upand it started extracting with dos can any body tell me how one can compress it with dos
  16. Amir.php

    firefox 3- Use any oldest extension or theme!

    It may be Possible some one already know it, But My Method is More easy and straightforward Many of us now currently using the firefox 3. No doubt the firefox is now a No. 1 browser. One of the most important thing which makes firefox browser great is its extensions. Extensions and themes are...
  17. A

    Rapidshare Download Help

    I have recently downloaded 16 files from rapidshare......That was in .rar format ,but I can not extract it with winRAR..... Is there any problem with my download? Please tell me how to download from rapidshare....I am not a member....
  18. R

    In vista Am not able to extract any file from winrar directly?..Plz help and granting

    If i try to extract a winrar file by just right cliking and extract to (name of the folder) [Which comes in the drop down arrow]----It doesnt work no folder is created or nothing is done...Rather i have to open winrar -allow permissions and go to extract to -- specify folder than extract--It...
  19. H

    WinRar - open part file

    Hi, I had put a previous post, but it got deleted I think; was there anything wrong with it? Anyway: I already have a movie, but I want hi-quality clips of some parts of the movie. Now on Rapidshare, the movie is available as a 7.9 GB download, with 84 100 MB parts to download, all .rar...
  20. windchimes

    winrar file

    i just transfered a bulky file which was split into 12 by winrar utility. now when i try to extract whole to a single folder to join them it shows one among those "the file is corrupt" and "unexpected end at the end of the archive". The splitted chunk of file file shows it's truesize and...
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