1. patkim

    Is there any conditional call forwarding setting on Dual Sim Phone?

    On a dual SIM android phone is there any setting whereby if one SIM is OFF the call or SMS sent by anyone to that number shall be diverted to other SIM? Two SIMs belong to 2 different service providers. And does it happen automatically just by some setting without any activation done at service...
  2. B

    GTA IV compatibility issue

    Hi Guys, I bought GTA IV at a rock bottom price from some store. When I started the game, the resolution was 800x600, I changed the setting from the in-game setting menu and the resolution is fine now but the graphics sucks. The graphics tab in the in-game setting menu keeps on telling me that...
  3. lywyre

    [Outlook] Setting up new Account - Fetch only mails from last n days

    I will be setting up a new account in Outlook (my existing GMail account). But I do not want to fetch all my mail, only mails from the last week or month. How can I accomplish this? Thanks
  4. Vyom

    My TP-LINK TL-WR840N router gone full retard - Does hard reset about every half hour

    My router TP-LINK TL-WR840N (V2) have gone nuts. From today, it have started to drop connection. Upon investigation, I found that the all the setting of router settings got reset. The wifi name became, "OpenWRT" (since I have installed OpenWRT since long). Password gets removed, ISP setting...
  5. Vyom

    VFM laptop around 30k for tasks like setting up VM, SQL Server, gaming and entertainment

    This query on behalf of my friend: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 20K to 35K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen or Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen will do. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with...
  6. P

    Windows 7 icon/thumbnail view setting always changes globally

    In my Windows 7 machine, whenever I switch a folder view setting between icons and thumbnails, the change always affects all folders, including the desktop. I make the change by ticking or unticking the box in Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Always show icons, never...
  7. savithk

    Nokia Lumia 625 megapixel setting

    Nokia Lumia 625.... it is possible to change megapixel setting from 5 to 2 ...????
  8. B

    Sound recorder not working

    Hi Guys, The inbuilt sound recorder in windows is not recording any sound. I have not changed any setting. What should I do? Thanks
  9. mikael_schiffer

    Query+Problem regarding Wallpaper setting on Android

    Is there a way of getting the flexibility in adjusting the wallpapers in Android? In TouchWiz UI of my old Samsung Galxaxy Ace, when i was setting the wallpaper, i had 2 options A) Keep the wallpaper single page only. So no matter which homescreen i am in, the wallpaper will be static B) The...
  10. V

    Vodafone 3G showing you are surfing from UK

    while browsing internet on Vodafone 3G datacard, i am intimated that your browsing location is either UK or US (as if i am browsing from UK or US instead of India) How is this possible ? :shock: i have never entered any such settings nor am i using proxy/VPN which may divert my location...
  11. adityak469

    Setting Up A New Wireless Connection in Home [NOOB HERE]

    as the title suggests, i'm setting up a new wireless connection in my house in a week(for the first time, never set up a Wi-Fi ). I need a USB Router for a 3BHK flat, a 3G/4G dongle and a Network Interface Cards for my mobo as it doesn't have inbuilt(Gigabyte G41D3+). My budget is around 4k. Can...
  12. J

    Help to setup wireless network for small office

    Hi, I have 8 computers in my office which i want to be connected via wireless. I have no knowledge on which device should be used for that and what are all the components need to be purchased for setting up wifi at office. Please help me which brand / component i need to purchase and any...
  13. Harsh Pranami

    Need info about bsnl BB

    Hi friends. One of my friends was thinking of subscribing to bsnl broadband. He is interested in 800 inr plan. Can anyone tell me what will be the total initial cost for setting up the broadband (landline broadband security deposit, installation charges blah blah). Also will it be better to buy...
  14. M

    automatic change of sim settings

    dear friends,' I am experiencing a strange problem with my Nokia 501 dual sim mobile. I am using only single bsnl sim card in the mobile. many time I had noticed mobile connectivity or gprs problem. the problems were solved by 1)checking the sim settings in the a...
  15. U

    Cheap Gamming Laptop under 45k

    I want a gaming Laptop which can run almost every game on High,Medium and low setting with out any lag. These laptop i have found after a lots of search.If your are want to prefer me any other cheap Laptop feel free to Suggest. My Budget is 650 USD or 45,000 INR I Want to play High hardware...
  16. Knight2A4

    Useing Parameteic Equalize Setting to during coversion from flac to mp3

    Hello Everyone, I was working on a concept that i read on head-fi How To Equalize Your Headphones A Tutorial - Community. As the tutorial teaches how to eliminate ear canal, and eardrum resonance by the help of a parametric equalizer. I completed it n developed the E.Q setting in...

    help needed!!!Changing Dlink DIR600 b1 to a wireless repeater.

    hi, i purchased the tp link w8968 2 days ago.and its awesome.:-D but the wifi is still not accessible upstairs.(:banghead:) so i decided to change my old router to a repeater. heres what i done so far Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater Setting up a repeater...
  18. sujeet2555

    Error:No response from wifi Ap

    i purchase TP-link TL-WN721N to share BSNL BB (not a wifi modem) to my mobile . i am a newbie to Wifi .i installed the drivers and the tplink utility .i checked SoftAP on button in the has the following settings; in mobile when searched it show the AP and i set the same setting in...
  19. V

    What to buy a Full HD LED Monitor

    i want to buy full hd led monitor of 21.5 inch under rs 10000 i have short listed Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Monitor Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Monitor - Buy @ Rs.8999/- Online | is there any other monitor form manufacturer like lg ,Samsung etc i am using my lg monitor for 5 year...
  20. chandan3

    Crysis 3 ultra setting

    I hv i7 8 gb ram ,n gpu - 7730m on my lappy ..can i play crysis 3 on ultra setting ?
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