Win prize from lockerz


In the zone
anybody interested?then PM me..

...Lockerz should make the PTZ for redeeming paypal money less.$1000 is for 4500ptz....macbook pro is for 1000-2000 ptz which costs $2000+...


In the zone
i m telling many of my friends to join but only 1 in 5 joins....17 more people needed to go to Z-LIST...... now i have 154 PTZ...... how much ptz can we earn 1 one day[in z-list]??including that i'll watch at least 2 videos in 1 day...


Broken In
complete waste of time .....they shud have international shopping center seperately....i was hoping to buy ps3 but now its not featured thr in redeem section...its a real waste to time, energy and ur bandwidthl. lockerz sucks :sad:


Really a nice information.Thanks for sharing the information.

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How many of you guys have actually got prizes from lockerz? But anyways if someone has invites then leave a visitor massage.
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