1. PulkitSingh18793

    Weight gain app

    There are thousands of weight loss apps but my friend needs a weight gain app and not able to find one she turned to me 1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Android ( Not rooted ) 2. What is your phone model? Xiomi Mi...
  2. B

    Machine Learning

    Hey! I'm currently searching for ideas for my final year project and I want to use machine learning in my project. I've almost completed a course from Coursera, and I haven't been able to gain much from it. Can any suggest me any good tutorials?
  3. chimera201

    Microsoft's gaming division getting desperate to gain back market share

    Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises •
  4. K

    Need Ur help guys... Badly ...asap removing Cryptorbit Ransom virus

    All my files videos, pdfs are encrypted and want to gain access to them again pls help me asap.../ thanks/. See the image in the link.//..
  5. montsa007

    Help needed to gain weight

    I'm 24 (almost), and weigh 56 KG~, as am 5.9, I look pretty skinny for my height. I job involves sitting for long hours, I don't workout or go to gym, do walk for about 30-40 mins a day. I'm a vegan & don't smoke or drink, what should I eat/drink to gain weight?
  6. T

    Bypassing college restrictions

    I connect to internet using a wired college specific proxy LAN connection. My college has banned many sites and the bandwidth is restricted using some method.(Idm download speeds go upto 500kbps speeds on times when the average chrome downloads hover at 30kbps) How do I bypass these...
  7. windchimes

    On Using Google Analytics

    Hi guys, I am not running any web portal of my own and don't have a blog as well. But I need to work on Google Analytics to understand the same. Is there any way I can gain access to understand the traffic and other details of a portal which isn't my own. Or are there any chosen free made...
  8. R

    AMD Phenom 960T unlocking

    Today i unlock my 960T into a pentacore cpu (with six core its not restarting), its running nice, no hang or restarts but i have few questions: 1) Now its TDP reached upto 161W, what does it mean(earlier it was 103W) 2) Does it consume more electricity 3) Am i feel gain in processing power...
  9. R


    Hi all,newbie here and so excited to be member of this community.I want to say you thank you before any proceeding.This is really nice forum for sharing ideas and suggestion.I will gain maximum knowledge here.I also want to share my ideas on the board.
  10. S

    Basic introductory post

    Hello Members, Good wishes to all. My name is Steven Brooks, I am very happy to join in this forum, and very much excited to join the discussion board. I want to gain knowledge in different topics related to Electronics and Probes. Hope for your support and cooperation in the board...
  11. R

    Difference between SATA 3 & 6 Gbps

    Is there any difference(performance wise) between sata 3 & 6 gbps of hdd. Motherboard is asus m5a88m. How much percent gain if i use sata 6gbps over 3gbps.
  12. Alok

    Wanna gain weight help!!

    Hi ! I want to gain weight. But very confused what to do. Everybody saying different. Here what i'm---> 1.age- 18.7 years 2.weight- 55 kg. 3.height- 175 cm. 4.currenty very low workout coz holidays and games. 5. I want to be 60 kg. Really need help.
  13. soyab0007

    Win prize from lockerz What is a new invitation-only website (the official launch date is October 15), that allows users to gain free stuff just by logging in. Lockerz has been super popular within the Internet community and has been mentioned across the news as well...
  14. S

    display blinking

    dear guys i am in big trouble, recently my pc display continueus blinking after windows loading and desktop appear.when i am goes to bios then all right.then i enter xp or windows 7 then display blinking.i completely uninstall display driver and installing latest driver.but the prob remain...
  15. T

    about data recovery

    1-can we gain data after formate a disk . i say format a disk not delete. 2-when we delete data so where it is store so we can gain it back means is our memry loss after every delete item. 3-if i again partition my mp then also i should get data
  16. BSOD

    TV Tuner Aver Go 007 Support

    I am trying to make a switch over to linux. Everything works just fine except my not-so-famous TV Tuner Card. I have the Aver TV Go 007. Did do Google searches and the works without much gain. What are my options now. Should I port the driver myself ;-)?
  17. quadroplex780

    Vista X64 is better for Gaming than Vista x86 for people with 64bit cpus

    Hey guys, Yesterday me and my brother got our hands on Windows Vista Ultimate X64 and installed it on the following config 1.VGA-XFX geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB 2.MOBO-P5N32E-SLI(680i SLI) 3.Soundcard-Supreme FX(ASUS) 4.RAM-2 GB Dual Channel 5.Hard Disk-250 GB Sata Seagate 6.DVD writer-Sony AW-G170S...
  18. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    I have lost My 42 GBHow can I gain My lost space.

    While formatting my 60 GB H/D. I have lost My 22 GB. How can I gain My lost space. Some one tell me that while formatting you have set the jumper incorrectly that's why there is problem. Is that so.. I use DM v.9.45 software for formatting. Earlier It shows 60 GB but after the problem or mis...
  19. anandk

    Is Yahoo hijacking browsers?

    Several articles on Slashdot and other websites are reporting that, in an attempt to gain more of a foothold on browser searching, Yahoo is employing some shady tactics. One way for a search engine to gain a popular place among internet users, is to become the default search tool of choice...
  20. anandk

    Top 25 Spyware and Adware

    Top 25 Spyware and Adware here is the hall of 'fame' ! File Name Description mwsoemon.exe MyWebSearch toolbar zango.exe Zango / 180Search save.exe WhenU SaveNow rlvknlg.exe Relevant Knowedge tbon.exe Best Offers...
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