Why should I learn HTML if WYSIWYG Web Editor available?


Why should I learn HTML if WYSIWYG Web Editor available?:-(
I want to know that what is the use of learning HTML, CSS if their is already easy way to create web site from WYSIWYG Web Editor like dreamweaver, komposer etc? Why shouldn't we learn WYSIWYG Web Editor in place of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.
This question is also for C++ and other programming languages.:-?


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well..for the HTML part i can say its essential coz u can fine tune and debug any HTML script pretty fastif you know the language(learned this the hard way while writing on my site:p).


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Some WYSIWYG are not effective at some places. HTML(combined with some other languages) comes to the rescue then. :)


Because you can not use WYSIWYG everywhere.
HTML is easy and very essential , you should not skip that. Its the base of web design.


Of course you can skip learning HTML, and create pages in WYSIWYG developers, deploy your site, if a bug comes, consult the maker of that software.. :p
or learn HTML, take help of WYSIWYG and if any bug comes, atleast you'll be able to debug and analyze it yourself...
Choice is yours..


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I see that you are confused regarding HTML, web designing and web development. Ill try to clear your doubts.

WYSIWYG editors (editor) are good only upto certain point. like creating a base framework etc. but to fine tune and work with your page you need to know the inner details and understanding of HTML.

ill give you a couple of points here.

1. Static webpages. static pages are ones whose content doesn't change over time. This can be easily be done in any Editors, and to be frank any kid who knows how to use MS word can do it. Also this will be used only in a few places.. like contact's page or errors page etc .. lol even those are becoming smarter.

2. Dynamic Webpages. Pages which change over time. like TDF itself.. you visit the same page but the content changes with time.. i.e., people post data and then the content get updated. here though you can use an editor to create most parts of the webpage.. but to pull some content from the server and display it to a specific div or any other element you need to use Javascripts, also you need to know correct events to call, correct CSS to be applied etc. in short .. understanding of HTML is required here.

IMHO if you are using only a editor to create webpages you would be only 25% qualified as a web designer.

reply if you want to know more.
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