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Whts secondary raid for????

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Hey ppls..I wanted to know that whit is this secondary raid0 and secondary raid1 on the motherboard for ..they are two parallel ports for connecting a hdd i have connected my pata (not Sata) hdd to them but it does not work there..however i have another two slots for hdd and the hdd work on those slots...i wanted to know whether i can connect a sata on this motherboard ..i dont have the sata serial ports ..Pls help thx


RAID is a setup dat u can create with 2 or more SATA hdds,its not a slot as u say.I think u were trying to point to ur secondary IDE slot.If not den plz clarify urself.


a secondary raid array is setup to create a vast disk transfer between two or more sata dirves as raido raid 1 and raid 2 and raid 3 as per sata connectors on your mobo
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