1. sujoyp

    Cheap selfy Mobile under 7k

    HI Guys, I want to get a cheap selfy mobile. This mobile will be my secondary mobile and wont be used much. Problem is my Sony Xperia ZL have very poor front cam. I am ashamed of its selfys. 1. Budget - 7K 2. Display type and size - 5 inche and below is better 3. Dual sim - Preferrably...
  2. A

    Secondary Laptop/netbook for 15k

    I would like to buy a Secondary (Not Second Hand) laptop/netbook for 15k Basically will be used for browsing and music and movies currently have zeroed down on Asus Eebook X205TA cause of its battery backup of 10 hrs any other laptop/netbook to consider?
  3. S

    gaming headphones for 3k

    i have shortlisted the following siberia v1 razer electra primary needs gaming secondary needs music budget 3500rs please help
  4. Revolution

    Hot Swappable Dual SIM

    Hello, I'm need a low cost hot swappable dual SIM mobile. Mobile will be use in rough condition so should be durable and reliable. Nothing fancy needed. Mobile will be uses mainly for calling and few SMS may be. So,battery should be good. Price should be as low as possible. 1.5K may be...
  5. J

    Galaxy S4 for 36k or HtC one for 42k

    My friend wants to buy one of the 2 phones. He currently uses iphone 4. Is htc one worth extra 6 k. Galaxy s 4 link - Htc one link - HTC One M7,Android OS,2.1 MP Secondary...
  6. H

    Gaming on Secondary Monitor in dual monitor setup

    Hi, I have a dual monitor setup with two 21" monitors (Samsung and Acer) . Currently, the Samsung (primary screen) is connected via the VGA to DVI-I cable and the Acer (secondary screen) is connected via a HDMI cable. The clarity on the Acer monitor is far better than what I am getting on...
  7. RCuber

    Logitech Gaming Software Discussion.

    Logitech Gaming Software, surprisingly good software for managing logitech keyboards and mouse. I have a G105 keyboard and G400 mouse, having some issues configuring the mouse. currently I have couple of problems configuring the buttons. 1. Laser Toggle when on ADS - BF3 has laser...
  8. RCuber

    Logitech G400 Configuration Query

    Hey guys I have a couple of questions regarding the G400, I have the Logitech Gaming Software Installed. 1. How do you configure a button to toggle between primary and secondary? for example I have set the forward key as secondary (2) , works fine but I need to switch between the weapons ( 1...
  9. R

    Hardisk partitoning

    i just installed Windows7 on logical partition? What is active partition? How to make partition active and viceversa ? Is it ok to install on logical partition? My secondary Internal HDD is shown as external?why?
  10. MegaMind

    OS drive corrupted!

    Guys, my 500GB internal HDD is acting weird.. I have another 1TB int. HDD(currently using), i can't get past windows loading screen even when 500GB HDD in connected as secondary drive.. I tried connecting the HDD while in windows & the OS drive alone i not accessible.. I have some...
  11. R

    any online idea abt secondary income

    Hi Digitians,, wish u all a happy and colourful Holi!! I dont know whether this is the right place to ask this but let me try.. Does any of you have any knowledge of any online secondary income,, I hv seen many on net but many seem to be fraud .. Again wishing u a happy holi:razz:
  12. R

    Moto Defy + at 21000 at

    MOTOROLA DEFY + | eBay Someone selling defy + at 21000 at ebay.. at this price there should have been a secondary camera
  13. D

    How to use Laptop hard disk and DVD Writer in Dsktop ?

    How can i use my laptop hdd and dvd writer in laptop. i want to connect it via USB for secondary purpose, I will not use then as boot device.
  14. M

    Need a Phone in 5-6k with secondary camera.

    Hi All, i need a new phone . Requirements are 1. It should not be a touch or qwerty phone(STRICTLY NO TOUCH) 2.that it should have a secondary camera for 3g video calls. 3.a good big screen and 4. long battery life. 5. and all this in a budget of 5-6k. There is a thread similar to...
  15. ssk_the_gr8

    Phone for 10k

    getting a new 3g phone for my new bsnl 3g connection :D so i need suggestions main usage will be surfing the net and viewing documents, ppt(occasionally) and it has to be reliable and have good build quality cause it's going to be used for like 5 years budget: 10k(willing to increase it a...
  16. Phantom Lancer

    Which Linux Distro do you use ?

    The Thread title says it all :). So which distro(s) do you use or have used ?? I am using Primary : KUbuntu 8.10 Secondary : None Have used in the past Fedora 9 Red Hat 9
  17. J

    Dual booting win xp & Linux

    I am having 40 gb hdd as primary & 160 gb hdd as secondary. I have installed win xp in primary hdd and partitioned 60 gb from secondary hdd for use with windows.(primary hdd devoted full with win xp with two partitions c: drive and d: drive). Now I want to install linux in the remaining portion...
  18. MetalheadGautham

    Linux - What apps do you use ?

    I thought I can start this thread to get a general usage feedback about what people really do in their distro. This can help (1) find people who use linux for the same purpose as you, (2) find out the right combinations for a task you have, (3) help newbies decide what to install. Finally, it...
  19. He28

    Bad Sectors

    Hi all, I have a 40 GB Samsung Hard Drive and using it as a secondary HDD. This hard disk has bad sectors and these bad sectors are increasing rapidly. As a result my system has become very slow. If I am not using Secondary HDD, my PC works fine. :( Is there any way to recover/repair bad...
  20. abhasbajpai

    suggest a phone under 7 k

    guys please suggest me a phone for max 7K cant stretch the budget anyway requirements primary music, good music for this range, expandable memory Secondary camera (even a vga would do),good looking, preferably camshel or sliding
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