1. R

    I want a 2.1ch speaker system under 3000rs

    Suggest me 2.1 speaker under 3k. Bass control knob wanted.
  2. bestpain

    growth of IT industry if going cashless?

    As we can see that most of the transactions are now cashless and payments are made online,online recharge etc. So there must be the need of programmers and developers to create,design and maintain these database,transactions. i wanted to know which jobs in IT sector will grow(like database...
  3. bssunilreddy

    What you wanted to become and What you became? (In life)

    Hai, What you wanted to become and What you became? (In life) I wanted to become an archaeologist and I ended up becoming an Advocate.
  4. D

    HELP root zenfone2 and instal android 6.0

    dear digitians can anyone guide me how to root my Asus zenfone 2 and install marshallow on it i have visited xda dev forums and found cm13 software [ROM] [6.0.x] Official CyanogenMod 13.0 Nigh… | Asus ZenFone 2 i wish to know Cons of cm13.0 marshallow. i wanted to do it...
  5. aal-ok

    How good is excitel

    I am thinking of getting an Internet connection through excitel, they are offering amazing deals. Just wanted to check how their service is, is there connection stable? I am living in shalimar bagh.
  6. T

    Home Theater system for ~20-25k

    Gonna be buying a new TV, wanted a home theater system for ~20-25k. Medium-Big room.
  7. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on laptop

    I'm looking for my first laptop. I maybe moving to US and hence may need a laptop. Highly inclined towards Mac Laptop since wanted to experience how the Mac OS is like. I'm ok spending more than a windows laptop. Main uses will be as follows: 1. Watching Videos/Movies 2. Working on MS-Office...
  8. sumit05

    In ORIGIN EAsports is offering full version download of NFS Most wanted

    Check it here On the House - Download Free PC Games | Origin Games
  9. Pratik Pawar

    Rooting Queries

    Just bought a new Yuphoria (Stock Android) my first Android, Touchscreen experience:-D wanted to hide some apps, heard about Nova launcher, but hiding apps is in paid version. others, like Hide it pro etc ask for Rooting. whats it? is it good or not? does it violates any warranty? wanted to...
  10. M

    Can't run C++ file in Eclipse Luna

    I'm a newbie in programming. I used to do the basics in Turbo C++ but now I wanted to move to Eclipse. I have installed Eclipse Luna and MinGW compiler and added it to path in system variables. I downloaded Lynda's essential C++ course. I made a project and then copied the exercise files from...
  11. P

    No vga on gpu

    Hi guys my pc has a nvidia gtx 650ti boost gpu which has a Hdmi Displayport Dvi d dual link Dvi i dual link Now,i would like to connect 3 vga monitors to the same. I have a hdmi to vga adapter, But cant seem to find any other type of adapters. Any options?
  12. K

    Tablet Car Mount

    Hi guys I wanted a good tablet mount(without install) which i can order online using COD from amazon,Flipkart etc the car in question is a CRV and i want the tablet in the centre of the dash heres a pic of the dashboard which i found off the internet...
  13. B

    What to do after BBA (Distance learning)? MBA?? :( depressed (long post)

    EDIT: My problem in short : Did BBA (distance education) and now i'm confused what to do. Should i go for MBA or prepare for SSC-CGL? Hi guys, Please bear with me and read this, I will try to keep this as short as possible. 2011: I completed my class 12 (PCM) in 2011 and wanted to pursue...
  14. H2O

    Xiaomi Mi Piston - v2 From Flipkart

    Heard great things about this. So, wanted to buy it. But, checked some reviews and they're saying the current ones ie the ones Flipkart are selling for Rs. 799 /- isn't as good as the ones they were selling for Rs. 999 /-. Some have even questioned the authenticity of the Pistons sold by...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar

    Anyone MCSD Certified Here?

    Hey guys, with around 4 years of experience in .NET, I think it's time to go for MCSD Web Apps Certification. Or anyone else planning the same too? Just wanted to know should I waste time on Dumps? Does that really helps?
  16. ithehappy

    Jabong or Amazon?

    I just wanted to purchase a Casio, nothing fancy, a cheap one, which is not available on Flipkart, but it's available on both Amazon and Jabong, and same price. But which one do you think is a safer bet? I have emailed Jabong asking them if the products are authentic or not, and they obviously...
  17. C

    [Urgent] Advice on kickstarter (24 hours to countdown)4

    Hi guys, Wanted some advice on ordering stuff from kickstarter actually I wanted to buy headbones from kickstarter and wondered will I be charged on customs or not and does anybody has any previous experience in buying stuff from kickstarter. Link ...
  18. M

    Need help in overclocking

    hi everyone.I will be buying a gaming pc and wanted to learn what is and how to overclock your pc. Thanks in advance!!!:-D
  19. Gaurav

    suggestion needed [planning to purchase samsung galaxy s4]

    Hi All, I am planning to purchase samsung galaxy s4. Just wanted to have some inputs/experience from guys over here before I make my decision final. To me everything appears fine in that phone but I wanted to know more about sound quality (in earphones).
  20. T

    Is bsnl.co.in down?

    I have been trying to access bsnl.co.in since last week and the website seems to be down. I have accessed using two different ISPs (Vodafone, Idea) but still to no avail. I wanted to know 2G-3G common data plans for Prepaid connection.
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