Which language should i learn?

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I am planning to learn a new language in this summer break.
i am comp engg student and would like to kwno whcih foreign language would be of use to me in the future?
here's what i thought might be nice:

whcih do u wthink i should learn.
suggest something else also if u wish.
ALSO if would u reccommend learning online or via some cd?
if so then tell site name etc

also someone experienced i this area then pls share ur experience.


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french is one language i would suggest. not only that its easy, in europe you can manage if you knew french. and among the languages listed above german would be of use only in germany , japanese is tough .


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I never visited any foreign countries, this opinion is based on my friends / relatives experience.

I think a lot of people in Eurpoe speak English, so if you have any such future plans, you need not worry much.

But things are way different in Japan. (as told by my cousin whos there for the last 6 yrs). You will not find much people who are good in English, all prefer to speak Japanese. I do not know how tough it is, but I think you can give a try !

Again - not from my experience. May be some NRI thinkdigit member will be able to give a more accurate advise.


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I'd say German. You may wish to go for higher studies/work in Germany. Germany is known for that - Education and work. Learning German will surely help.


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Japanese .... Chinese or Japanese are very good bet for future work prospects, french is useless

asian countries like japan and china are huge business hubs and knowing their language is a very good bonus to ur resume


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of all the langs spanish is the easiest, spoken in US.
german is second easiest, french being the toughest.
Germany is one of the most developed nations in Europe, its the best bet.
and please in case you are going to germany or any other non english speaking country learn their langauge.

i have friends from germany, france and from spain, they told me that no one there likes to speak english.

and its more comfortable for you to know their langauge


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French anyday,me too trying to get into some foreign language course.
German sounds funny.
japanese,chinese-who cares.
Spanish--very good alernative.
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