1. arun garg

    Samsung S24A350H or Dell ST2420L monitor

    Tell me which one is best for me for gaming. I want to buy one of these two with in a week so please tell me whcih should i opt for my core2 due machine.
  2. T

    Which language should i learn?

    I am planning to learn a new language in this summer break. i am comp engg student and would like to kwno whcih foreign language would be of use to me in the future? here's what i thought might be nice: german japanese norweign spanish whcih do u wthink i should learn. suggest something else...
  3. M


    yo, i was looking into a midrange graphic card and had acctually decided on the XFX 6600GT..but nowi stumbled across the 1600XT from powercolour whcih seeems to be better my miles...Which graphic card would be the best at a range of around 13k thanx in advance
  4. S

    Block all IP except Few in my server

    Hello friends. I have pruchased a server to run an application which is highly confidential and i need to secure my server by blocking all the IP's except for some from whcih the application (website) can be accessed. Please help me in configuring my windows 2003 server in such way. Its very...
  5. A

    whcih graphic card brand to go for 7800 gtx

    i am going to buy a 7800 gtx but i am not sure of whcih company shouild i go for asus , xfx etc whcih one guys i need the best so please tell me also i went to nvida expernce centre in mumbai is it good place to buy a card from plesase hurry i will be buying it by 25 i asked the nvidia exp...
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