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Which is the best video codec out there?

The Best Codec According to me is:

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the software converter......now if that means a converter which converts *.asf files into other video formats...

Then AimONE is the best.........infact it has many formats supported........try it out...!!!


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btw,hav any of u guys tried the nero digital codec?,the quality rox & the encoding speeds r way better than any other codec.


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ok more questions. Earlier what I did with Nero was this. Encoded the movie into a DVD format and stored it onto the HDD. Then used DVD shrink to burn it onto a single DVD as some of the movies were higher in size and DVD shrink gives me the best quality even if I shrink a 9 GB movie onto a 4.3 GB DVD. Does SuperDVD creator do the same? Any ideas ? I do not want to loose out on the quality because of the shrinking.


the quality of the encoded content does not depend much on the software u use but the MPEG2 codec n its settings in the software..........so i guess SuperDVD Creator will give u the same quality too

@digital brat
hey, could u please post the link from where u downloaded Nero H264....digital codec.......


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maverickrohan said:
the quality of the encoded content does not depend much on the software u use but the MPEG2 codec n its settings in the software..........so i guess SuperDVD Creator will give u the same quality too

Right I will have 2 try that out.

Lots of softwares stacked up my sys just for asf files.......
:lol: :lol: :lol:


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i downloaded some vedios of David Blaine - Street Magic from Shareaza, found that files are in .avi format; however the files appreared to be encoded are vcds, so i tried burning them on cd by nero6.6(have installed the nero mega pack), but couldnt.
wat i want to know is ... Is it feasible to encode the vcd files?


use GSpot to open those files...........it gives u EXACT info about what those files r........It come along with K-Lite Codec Pack...get it at www.free-codecs.com

after u do that post the results here.........i'll tell u what to do........n how to do it n using what software......

cya till then.......:)


I never use klite or any other codec pack. All i use is divx and xvid and never have any problems running any movies. :)


hey guys...

i know its a lame question and has been discussed a million times.. still wanna clear it..

Can any one give a nice solution and how to convert

to DivX or Xvid or Avi..

i tried using Dr.DivX ... yeah first it was working alrite..but now its started giving voice lags...i.e voice and video doesnt match...

i even tried using Virtual Dub but even a slight error and this soft..doesnt read that file.. i even used VCD gear but this isnt working on my way..

so it will be gr8 if anyone can suggest an other good alternative or any other good software for these 2 conversions..

Format is not the matter just.. reduction in size at least compromise on Video quality... so if u guys have any idea to converting ot to other format by other way... pls lemm know..

A good tutorial abt this. in tut section will be the best anyone can do..so techies give it a thought...

And yes recently got a new prob..

i just reinstalled my OS win ME...and tried to install K-lite and Nimo codec.. after installing when i tried running .divx or .avi file PC just hangs... dunno why..

haven tried uninstalling it but will reinstall it ..am sure that setup file is OK coz i have installed from it several times...

anyways any clue why this must have happened ??



dude........DivX n XviD can encode DivX n XviD n can decode DivX n XviD along wit MPEG4

if u have videos in other formats.......u do need codec packs.......K-Lite is the most well mad one.....

A/V sync problems have been discussed in this thread.....try going thru it completely

to rip DVDs use #1DVD ripper.........

here goes............ 

if u want 1 movie per CD........this is the way to do it... 

1. Download K-Lite Codec Pack from [url]www.free-codecs.com[/url] 

2. Download #1DVD Ripper from http://www.dvdtox.com/ 

3. Install Both 

4. In The K-Lite Codec Pack Tools u will c Nic's Bitrate calculator 

5. Enter The lenght of the movie, the audio bitrate usually 128kbps...n the final desired size..ie 700MB 

6. This will give u a bitrate for say 700kbps........but use 680kbps for VP62 

7. Run #1DVD Ripper 

8. Select the DVD ROM drive.....it will show u all the movies present on the DVD 

9. You will have to rip each movie separately(even though batch mode is allowed as all will b different in length) 

10. in properties....select output as orignal DVD res or something lower as otherwise ur per pixel quality reduces.... 

11. Enable Dolby Surround...select approprite frme rate, depending on PAL/NTSC DVD 

12. Settings: 
Default Volume = 6 
De Interlace: Interplate 
Split Mode: Infinite 
Enable all the check boxes below 

In Output: 
Video Codec for avi: VP62 
Configure: Enter calculated bitrate(eg 650) 
Mode: Good Quality Fast Encoding 
End Usage: VBR 
Material: Progressive 
Sharpness: 5 
Max Keyframe: 120 
Noise Reduction: 0 
Auto Keyframe: Enabled 

Adjust Quantizer: Min 4 to Max 40 

Misc Settings: 
Temporary Buffer: set it acc to amt of RAM u have set eg. 100MB 
Location: RAM 
Special Optimization: FPU 
Check: Use ASAPI to access DVD Drive 

Audio Settings for avi: 
Lame MP3: 128kbps 

Other than that select the Subtitle, the audio channel: AC3 6 Channel/2 channel etc... 

Audio Quality: High 

......see the other stuff...iguess i hvnt missed out on nything

for VCD......iv explained in this thread.......

in brief.....
convert *.dat to .mpg using VCD gear(fix mpeg errors enabled)

use Virtual Dub to encode
the individual files(depending on no. of VCds) n use VD to join the produced *.AVIs

use VP62 for video n DivX WMA @ 64kbps for audio

use Nics Bitrate calcultor to calc bitrate in a similar way to DVd ripping

Never Install 2 Codec Packs OR individual codecs + codec packs.........it srews ur registry

uninstall all the codecs...............

Just install K-Lite Codec Pack n if u wanna install ny other codec, (like x264, H264) make sure they dint come along with K-Lite Codec pack.......

for a clean hang free system:

Start->K-Lite Codec Pack->Cofiguraton->Codec Tweak Tool->Clear VIDC Entries!!!

Happy Encoding


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Wats the bit rate thing all about?
Wat is the kbps rate for good quality back-up of dvd movie?


Bitrates about how mant bits are spent on each pixel in the video

Higher the bits/pixel better the quality....but this is not always the case.............in case of lossy codecs

codecs like VP62/H264 give u very good quality at very low bitrates too

try it out urself..........

VP62/H264 @ 300kbps == DivX @ 600kbps

for DVD ripping it depends on ur final target filesize..say a 700MB CD..then u gotta calculate the bitrate depending on the length of the movie, its framerate(eg. 25fps, 30fps etc.) n the audio bitrate ur using(eg160/128kbps MP3 or 64kbps WMA)


AMD user for 9 yrs!!
like mp3 has bit rate...more the better
i used to consider the video is good if it has better resolution...
n then it also has frame rate 24fps in case of Pal.
now the bit rate also defines.
as we go indirectly to get the 700mb size.
as you reduce the bit rate the the size also reduces.
thereby quality also reduces.
actually i am confusd in bitrate, fps, n resolution all defines the quality of video

Have you tried Divx 6, the converter doesnt have settin feature!


i hav tried DivX 6.................n all the settings n features r exactly the same as DivX 5.2.1 codec........its just that the UI is a bit different.....


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maverickrohan said:
AimONE Video Convertor...............VEry Stable n Supports various formats n VBR audio too.......

try it......!!!

since u mentioned this gimme a clean link for download.


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