1. quicky008

    Data Error while playing Xvid files on Sony DVD player

    I've recently purchased a Sony DVD player,its model no. is DVP-SR 660P: DVP-SR660P : DVD Player : DVD/HDD Players : Sony India I decided to opt for this model in particular as it supports the Xvid codec(it is clearly mentioned in its manual that its compatible with Xvid,also there's an Xvid...
  2. mayoorite

    Tablet under Rs 10000/-

    hi guys i am collecting money for my first tablet pc and could afford tablet under Rs 10000/-.So suggest me some which are reliable for long term use like nokia phones.It should have 3g,should able to open .docx,.pptx,.pdf formats.I am class xi student and need for general purpose.But it should...
  3. lahratla

    Problem with Xvid Aspect Ratio

    I have several DVDs which are converted into Xvid format. I want to watch them on my CRT TV with my standalone DVD player. However, even if I use 4:3 aspect ratio and resolution like 640x480 or 352x240 that are not widescreen format (I used smaller resolution as I want the file size to be...
  4. go4saket

    Unusual problem with video and sound!

    Hello friends! I recently downloaded a video(free) from the net and it is in XVID format. Whenever I try to run it in my DVD player (it supports MPEG4), it runs for a few seconds (just the introduction part) and then automatically stops. So I splitted the video using VirtualDub right from the...
  5. aminsagar123

    DVD Player. With DIVX XVID Support.

    Hi Friends, My cousin in hostel, wanna buy a DVD Player. 1. It should play both NTSC+PAL formats. 2. It should have DivX and Xvid Support. 3. CD-RW , DVD-RW Support. Please suggest decent inexpensive player. Thanks in advance.:)
  6. aminsagar123

    Whole DVD to xVid

    Hello Guys, I have a DVD with 27 vob tracks. How can i convert it to Xvid or Divx in one go. I tried various softawres like Fairuse Wizard, VirtualDub, AutoGK but they don't have option to convert whole disc. Please recommend a software. Freeware or shareware. Thanks. Edit: DVDFab Platinum...
  7. NucleusKore

    Nokia Ad, ten years ago

    We've come a long way, haven't we *www.youtube.com/watch?v=coga2Q9Xv_k&NR=1 XviD - *massmirror.com/9532549030b97911886f9bbc63a1c3c3.html
  8. F

    does s40 support sis file

    can any one tell that s40 support sis file . 5310 and 5610 are of s40 so will they support sis file so that i can install xvid player in it. thank u
  9. G

    Need suggestions to buy DVD player

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a DVD player. Am looking for a model with USB. Planning to connect my iPod or some other external hard disk via USB. It should also be able playback DivX and Xvid since I have a large collection of DVDs written with Xvid content. I heard that Philips models are...
  10. A

    Vob to Xvid Which Ratio To convert

    Vob to Xvid Which Ratio To convert so that the video dont get Bad. Please help me on this :- The video i have to convert. Video : 14.01 MB, 2137 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 352*576 (16:9), MPG2 = MPEG 2 (SVCD/DVD), Audio : 1.67 MB, 256 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 0x51 = Mpeg-1 audio Layer 2 [0xc0]...
  11. S

    DVD Ripping to XviD.

    hi guys, im a newbie at dvd ripping, could u plz tell me wat settings to use for the xvid encoder to get max quality and moderate or low sizes, and wat quantisation matrix should i use, i want the best quality(really crisp and no pixellisation), and i use autogk 2.40 plz help.
  12. B

    Mobile Vedio EDITING

    i JUST WANT TO KNOW THAT HOW THE HELL I CAN CONVERT AUDIO OF .avi fILE AS MP3 Acually I MY SMARTPHONE supports vedios in 208 by176 res. encoded with DivX or xvid -interlaced,max 15 fps vedio bitrate 80-200kbps (all above is done) audio-mp3 encoded16KHz, mono But How ???
  13. B

    Vedio Editing For A Mobile

    i JUST WANT TO KNOW THAT HOW THE HELL I CAN CONVERT AUDIO OF .avi fILE AS MP3 Acually I MY SMARTPHONE supports vedios in 208 by176 res. encoded with DivX or xvid -interlaced,max 15 fps vedio bitrate 80-200kbps (all above is done) audio-mp3 encoded16KHz, mono But How ???
  14. Pravas

    Where can we get Symbian Codecs

    Hi can any one tell me, where can i get codecs for MP4, Xvid...for symbian phones..If not can someone explain me why?
  15. go4saket

    How to convert DV-AVI to XVID???

    Hi guys! How can we convert DV-DVI to XVID format. I use Auto Gordian Knot to convert my DVD's and other MPEG to XVID but unfortunately it doesnt support DV-AVI. Please help. Chao.
  16. romeo_8693

    xvid support?

    isnt xvid an opensource project?then y dont linux distro's come bundled with its support like ogg and vorbis?
  17. techtronic

    DivX Player for K750i

    Is there a software available for playing DivX or XviD Videos directly (without converting them to 3GP or MP4) in K750i ? My friend has Nokia N80 He has a DivX Player with .sisx extension that plays AVI Files encoded with both DivX and XviD Codecs
  18. GeekyBoy

    DVD to DivX

    I have ripped a DVD using DVD Decrypter. Now, how can I convert the ripped files to the DivX or XviD format to save HDD space ???
  19. N

    help with video encoding(divx and xvid)

    hi i am experiencing converting mpeg1 and vob vidz to divx and xvid. i have the latest codecs(k lite latest) ...and divx latest instaled.i use a-one video converter and xilisoft avi mpeg onnverter to convert between files.the problem is that while the songs files rip very well,movies sometimes...
  20. aadipa

    Video (xvid) splitter needed

    I have ripped a original DVD to 1400MB xvid file. Now I want to make 2x700MB parts of it, each individual xvid files, not simple splitting which renders files useless unless they are joined again. Is there any software which can do this without loss of quality? Or ripping again with 2 CDs as...
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