Which is Good VBR,CBR or ABR


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Hi Guys,

Which bit-rate quality sound is good in MP3/AAC formats?

For those who don't know...please mention what does VBR,CBR and ABR stand for....

VBR is good as it makes the more optimal use of applying bit rates based on the demand....and avoid when the it is not required as thats not the case in CBR


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Sorry for bumping old thread.
I want to covert my mp3 files to aac for my mobile and want to save space too.
I'm gonna cover with dbpoweramp(m4a nero aac).
But,when I chose VBR only 64,100 and 150Kbps available no 128Kbps.
So,what would be best for me ?


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VBR doesn't require a constant bit rate like 128kbps hence no such option.also first check if your mobile can play VBR files correctly because some older models had troubles with VBR but no such issues with 128kbps CBR mp3.in fact i suggest using 128kbps CBR because there isn't going to be much difference as you are converting mp3 files.


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Mine is Nokia 2700C and I have an old mp3 player from Zebronics too.
Most of the mp3 file are 320Kbps.
I heard that 320Kbps & 128Kbps will sound same at low end mobile or mp3 player.
My both player have only 2GB memory each.
That's why I want to save space.


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96Kbps VBR option is not available for AAC format.
That's why I'm confuses.
Here is an example.
I tried a 12mb mp3 file to aac.
3.4mb CBR 96Kbps 94% compressed
4mb VBR 100Kbps(quality .35) 92% compressed
3.4mb ABR 96Kbps 94% compressed.


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^does ur cellfone support .m4a format..which also a good compression format for audio files (i used this on my old Nokia)


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I tested VBR 100Kbps(quality .35).
Size become almost half.
But,could not find any difference.
May be cos my mobile low end and mostly I ear phone very basic.
And its working fine at my mobile. :)


m4a is good in theory, I think coz I tried many times that format but I never liked the sound format.
If 100 kbps is available then do it, why are you worried about adding that extra 4kbps to 96.
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