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Which Game Are You Playing

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Broken In
I play all of these nowadays.

Silent HUnter III
Rome:Barbarian Invasion
Counter Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat : Source
Caesar 4
IL2 Sturmovik
Unreal 2k4
And ...some adult games. :D


Diablo 2 - lord of destruction ,morrowind all its expansion ,oblivion , never winter nights 1 and all its expansion .waiting for NWN 2 :)
i was playing myst 5 end of ages but didnt understand nythin of the story bcoz i didnt play myst IV so i left it for later
now i m playin sid meiers Pirates - Its a good game to waste ur time
itz like a 3d version of tradewinds


am playing mostly strategy as always
warcraft 3 -- reign of chaos
sid meirs railroads
need for speed carbon


Human Spambot
ah.the warcraft 3 series.finished it in 2003,brings back memories.It is one of the greatest if not the greatest game i have played so far(and I have played a lot).Another game which left a mark in my mind was return to castle wolfenstein(2002)
single player.It is not critically acclaimed but is the BEST gaming experience i have ever had.
Just turn off the lights and watch it blow away Doom 3.
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