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  1. D

    What is your budget for Steam Winter Sale?

    Hey there, What's your decided allocated budget for Steam Winter Sale? I have set mine to 50 USD. Wallet is loaded with it. Don't want to make over purchases and impulsive purchases. So, pre-decided on a budget. Won't spend a penny more even if the deal is of century.
  2. webgenius

    Where to buy winter cloting for USA in Bangalore

    I and my wife have to travel to USA for cuple of months. We'll have to travel pretty soon, and hence planning to purchase winter clothes for both of us this weekend. Please recommend places in Bangalore where I can get good winter jackets that can withstand the low temeperatures in USA. The...
  3. Jim Kirk

    Best DTH in New Delhi

    hello guys....would you like to clarify my doubt about " what is the best Dth service provider in Delhi" also please mention what are the difficulties I will face in the bad weather conditions.. Do the winter season, damage the service and I could not watch even a single channel... Please...
  4. F

    A New Year Dawn 2013

    Mixset: A New Year Dawn 2013 DJ: Anuj Genre: Progressive & Vocal Trance Date Released: Dec 24, 2012 Duration: 1hr File Format: MP3 320kbps stereo File Size: 134MB Tracklist: 1. ATB Feat. Cristina Soto - Twisted Love (Distant Earthvocal Version) 2. Mobil - On My Way (Original...
  5. R

    How to prepare for European trip

    Hi folks. My father is assigned with a work trip to Belgium by the month of December(Antwerp to be exact). He asked me to get some ideas like the kind of winter dress that he should buy in advance in India so that he can pack it up(as it will be winter at its best), other travel tips..etc. Can...
  6. Ron

    Siggestion Required :45 Days Winter Break

    Finally my winter break hv started and this time i want to utilize it....i am planing to tk Computer course bt im confused choosin one.....so frens pls suggest me som gud programin courses which will be helpful for me in near future..and yaa i dont want to tk c++ coz i am learnin this in my skol...
  7. albeinstein

    Which Game Are You Playing

    :cool:I am Playin Call of Duty 2 online... I wil get NEVER NIGHTS WINTER 2 from my friend:o So what you guys playin
  8. P

    Harddisk Fan

    My cabinet comes with an extra fan which has become extremely loud and annoying ever since winter set in. I don't know why, but i just disconnected the fan which solved the problem. By the way, i've also tried cleaning the fan. Didn't work. Removing the fan shouldn't cause any problem cos winter...
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