1. D

    garphics hardware

    my name is Nipun......I am frm Pune......I am having hp pavilion dv62112sa with ATIreadon 4200 hd Graphics.I am receiving A serious graphics problm Evrytime i am playin any game the graphics of d game appear to be improper and broken.....wat is d solution to this prblm?:-(
  2. blademast3r

    20 inch hd monitor resolution?

    Hey guys.. there sure are loads of 20 inch hd monitors for cheap these days..i hav a doubt.. lets say ur playin a game say crysis... ur playin it at like 1280*1024 ,which is obviously lower than hd res.. will the game look low res and pixely? like stretched and all? if so then whats the use of...
  3. C

    FIFA 08 doubt

    how much bandwidth is used (approx.) during 1 hour of playin FIFA 08 online?
  4. F

    keyboard not workin

    after playin some game, using shift and navigation up keys. some dialog came n my keys in keyboard not workin. any help?
  5. P

    restarting computer!!!

    a friend and i installed NFS-MW on his comp, and when we tried playin it the comp restarted. we tried re-installin but the prob persisted. the same happened when we tried playin fifa-07 and warcraft. we suspected a corrupt sector on the ram. (is tat correct??) and so we ran an app called...
  6. blademast3r


    Hi guys ne1 playin gunz here? i jus started playin yesterday and its gr8....highly recommended for every1....
  7. albeinstein

    Which Game Are You Playing

    :cool:I am Playin Call of Duty 2 online... I wil get NEVER NIGHTS WINTER 2 from my friend:o So what you guys playin
  8. H

    which 1 do you like more?..'QUAKE 4' OR 'DOOM 3'

    I've been playin doom 3 for about a week now and just tried my hands on quake 4; liked both of them since i'm comparatively new to both games , I'm very curious what people who've alredy played both think. should i spend my time playin doom 3 to it's end or play quake 4 more? :?
  9. H

    hangin prob

    hi , my sys config is AMD 64 3200+ , MSI RS 480 M2-IL, 2* 80 gb sata segate running in raid 0, 512 mb and 256 mb @400Mhz kingston n zion respectively. xfx 6600pci-e 256mb, lg dvd rw, i ball 400w smps , chalta hai frontech cab. with 2 sys fans. and stay in gangtok wey temp normally is cold ...
  10. A

    do xbox emulators work???

    hey i was jus wonderin if we could play xbox games on pc which r the best emulators and r there ne probs playin vid them
  11. dreams

    Urgent Help..

    Hi guys.. I want use my TV in the place of my Monitor. Cos playin a game in a TV is far more better than playin it in a Monitor. I also hv some Video Cassettes and need to convert them to VCD. Pls suggest how 2 do these.. One of my frnd told tht these r poss usin a TV Tuner Card. If iam...
  12. A

    A glitch in a game!!!!

    the PoP, warrior within demo is playin it dirty :x !!!! its playin fine on my sys but its gettin stuck at that big rockish monster or mosterish rock thing.... its runnin fine till that part but as soon as i hack n slash that beast a coupla times it freezes, n becomes walk thruable( :lol: i cant...
  13. fnatic@play

    PLayin for WCG2k5?

    Me so sick o wat WCG done this time.... NO UT n CS:S.... n 3 .. yes THREE strategy games... WT* for? are they gone nuts? i don think i'll be playin at all.. maybe CS S... but BOOOO WCG for not havin UT.... i got so close last time... really wanted to make it for our country this time...
  14. N

    gfx card review

    it was crap in this months digit!!! i cudnt believe that a 9800pro was beaten by a 5900XT!! and a 5700 playin far cry at 1024*768 smoothly?????
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