Where to learn Flash


Can anyone guide me from where should I learn to make flash files.
Please give the look for tutorials or ebooks or anything like that.
Well that is for my friend.

I am interested in making flash websites.
I have knowledge of HTML,JS,CSS,ASP.NET and also SQL.
Please tell from where I can learn that,please give the links for tutorials and ebooks etc.

Thanks in Advance guys


Download Macromedia Flash 8
Download it from the following link

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That I know.
Ok I will tell that to my friend.

Apart from that can you tell me how to make flash websites.


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I would say, stay away from Flash now. Time to learn proper HTML5 things.

Saying that as someone who learned how to program/animate in Flash/ActionScript 6 years back.


Actually was asked by his mentor to prepare a presentation in flash.
And I want to make use of flash to make few webpages similar to that rajnikant(website) sort of page as I really like that concept.


this is the best source comprising of adobe certified professionals
search results | lynda.com

first take a look at flash cs5 essential training and then head to creating first website with flash,its a paid tut although a preview is available if u like it subscribe or search on demonoid if u absolutely cannot subscribe,feel free to pm for any more queries


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Stay away from Flash...its anyways going to be dead...focus more on PS+HTML5+CSS+Jquery combination if you want to have good UI/UX

Both flash and Silverlight are as good as dead.


only learn flash if you actually want to make some animated movies.. For web it is dead end, try learning Jquery and HTML 5

+1 to lynda tutorials..
If possible you can go by institutes because flash is one type of multimedia and it is not easy to learn by reading books or seeing some previews we can practice it and we can do by live projects i suggest you to go institute.
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