1. Zangetsu

    Table Tennis Discussion Thread

    Recently I started playing table tennis in my office so, thought of discussing more on this. Lets discuss :-D u can post some Tips, Tricks and Tutorials here
  2. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on Tutorials for MS-Office

    Firstly guys I'm Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I have been using MS-Office for quite sometime now but however except the basic functionalities I don't seem to learn more. I would want to learn more especially when it comes to MS-Excel. Can someone suggest me some good...
  3. E

    Visual CPP lnk2019 error

    I am just getting started with visual cpp 2013 . I looked around the web for tutorials and tried running the following code #include <windows.h> #include <tchar.h> int WINAPI winMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPWSTR lpCmdLine, int nShowCmd) { MessageBox(NULL...
  4. T

    Get ID and Value in AutocompleteTextView

    Hi, I am newbie to android development, I am trying to set ID value from Json object and then want to fetch ID against corresponding text. Problem is how to set Id and value in autocompletetextview and fetch them, got some articles about using custom adapters but don't know how to use them...
  5. Ashish1@1

    Photoshop HELP !!

    HI there Even though i have so much of your tutorials I am not able to do some stuff Could you please help me with the Or tell me one of your gr8 tutorials to do it I wont to remove the people from this picture - goo.gl/KGBmR And insert my School Club in it - goo.gl/HiCf6 Thank you for...
  6. H

    Are there any good tutorials on setting up compute clusters using Raspberry Pis?

    I want to learn and program compute clusters and they seem to be the only good option cheap and open enough to work with. Are there any tutorials on how i can get started?
  7. pacificb0y

    Digital Tutors -Learning animation through digital tutors

    Does any one else is learning animation through digital tutor tutorials ?Digital Tutors is The Best tutorials For learning animation upto advanced course For those who seeking to learn animation on their own can check this Digital-Tutors > Tutorials and Training for CG, 3D, Animation and...
  8. velociraptor

    data structure

    hey friends i am facing problems in understanding data structure .dont even get a lil bit of what my teacher is trying to speak would you suggest me some tutorials cz our exams must b starting from 26th of this month so guys please help me
  9. kg11sgbg

    Free video tutorials for C

    @forum Friends,where from can I access the FREE video tutorials on "C" programming language? I mean that I shall be able to DOWNLOAD and store them(Free video tutorials on C) in DVD/CD or onto my HDD. Please,help.
  10. mati17

    Coral Draw Tutorials

    Hi Forum, I want to learn Coral Draw fully. I installed the software but don't know how to proceed. Is there tutorials available in pdf form on net. Please suggest me the way.....! Thanks
  11. aroraanant

    Where to learn Flash

    Can anyone guide me from where should I learn to make flash files. Please give the look for tutorials or ebooks or anything like that. Well that is for my friend. I am interested in making flash websites. I have knowledge of HTML,JS,CSS,ASP.NET and also SQL. Please tell from where I can...
  12. theserpent

    Photoshop Tutorials

    I wanted to make my self better in manipulations I know psd.tutsplus.com but they dont offer most of the tutorials for free,and they dont provide source files.Is there any other ps tuts website?
  13. patkim

    Need help – setting up wifi at home

    I am planning to setup wifi at home so that my desktop, laptop and other devices like ipad can be connected to net. Pl. suggest which is better router and adaptor (for desktop)that I can use for this. Is it easy to setup by yourself? Any links to existing tutorials on this site could also be...
  14. U

    Word Press Tutorials

    Here's a list of few word press tutorials hosted by uImbibe.com We hope you find them useful How to set a link in WordPress Using Featured Images in WordPress Making text bold and changing text color in WordPress Making New Posts in WordPress Adding MP3s to a sidebar Flash MP3 Player in...
  15. U

    Video Tutorial Website

    uImbibe is a video tutorial website that was recently started by high school students from bangalore. We have around 350 video tutorials ranging from subjects from java to photography. Please feel free to check it out here. Post your video tutorials if you have any too!
  16. IronCruz

    Help for Photoshop

    Hello. I'm looking for Photoshop tutorials. I need tutorials like from basics i.e tools it's functions and then slowly little bit more and so on...
  17. G

    JSP Tutorials

    Pls can anyone tell me any jsp free tutorials online
  18. Dark Star

    Blender noob

    I am total noob in blender. I missed all the tutorials published in lfy and my sis sold those to kabadhi wala I can't help it now.. I want to get started with blender. I tried it a bit but its intimidating for a newbie in 3d.. So I request you guys to link me to the easiest of the easiest...
  19. adithyagenius

    Creating plugins in Outlook 2003 && Database?

    I want to to create a plugin which adds an option in right click menu of selected text or contact which causes the text or e-mail addresses to be sent to certain mail address along with some other static text. I was told I would need to learn visual studio to do that. I have visual studio 2008...
  20. bhushan2k


    hi guys...we wanna make a project in c++ by using openGL concepts in computer graphics subject...i dont know nything about opengl....plz help me outta this prob...plz suggest some tutorials for d same...we jst want to display any 3d moving or rotating object only...plz suggest some video...
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