1. ramakanta

    Save Online Book as .Pdf

    is there any Android software to save the online eBooks as .pdf format .thank you.
  2. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on Tutorials for MS-Office

    Firstly guys I'm Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I have been using MS-Office for quite sometime now but however except the basic functionalities I don't seem to learn more. I would want to learn more especially when it comes to MS-Excel. Can someone suggest me some good...
  3. A

    Need a free ebook on CSM(Computer Simulation and Modelling)

    Hey Guys I am getting nervous while studying CSM(Computer Simulation and Modelling). Can u list down the free ebooks or tutorials on CSM. I am particularly troubled with the pdf(probability distribution functions) related sums.
  4. tech0freak0

    Tablet around 20k?

    Hey Guys, I wanna buy tablet around 20,000 Rs. Primary use is for watch movies and read ebooks. So i'll transfer stuff from pc to tablet. Option I'm considering: ipad mini Samsung galaxy tab 2 Google nexus 7 I don't think ipad will allow transfer of movies and ebooks Is there any...
  5. theserpent

    Flipkart launches Ebooks

    So today flipkart launched ebooks Flyte - Download eBooks Online at India's Largest eBooks Store: Huge Collection of Free eBooks at Flipkart.com link to app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flipkart.fkreader&hl=en
  6. cray.x

    Linux ebook needed!

    hi all i wanted to learn more about linux and its terminologies, so i was thinking if any body can suggest me some good ebooks on linux which can explain A-Z of linux, like wise repositories, PPAs, DEBs etc. it will be a great help if you suggest some ebooks.
  7. aroraanant

    Where to learn Flash

    Can anyone guide me from where should I learn to make flash files. Please give the look for tutorials or ebooks or anything like that. Well that is for my friend. I am interested in making flash websites. I have knowledge of HTML,JS,CSS,ASP.NET and also SQL. Please tell from where I can...
  8. anarchy0x

    Should i buy a new pc?

    So, heres my situation, I have a P4 with 2 GB DDR RAM, 865GBF & 2.8HT CPU. The main reason I am thinking of buying a new pc is well, surfing while reading ebooks. It may sound like a light task but I have been having problems in internet surfing as i tend to open about 30 or more tabs at a...
  9. socrates

    Amazon Kindle ebooks to get HTML5 support

    Amazon Kindle ebooks to get HTML5 support | News | TechRadar UK
  10. L

    The Droid Library.. I wanna sign up

    Hey guys, New member here. I was wondering if any of you had any experience with a site called The Droid Library for eBooks for my Android tablet. Tempted to join =) Thoughts?
  11. rohitshakti2

    Help in finding ebooks online:

    I am looking for the following ebooks / novels. Can anybody help me to find them: 1. Nicholas Nikleby 2. Emma 3. Shelock Holmes : The Norwood Mystery 4. The Moonstone 5. The Count of Monte Cristo 6. The Secret Agent 7. Great Expectation 8. Oliver Twist Thanks in advance.
  12. leo61611616

    Convert eBooks from PDF to ePub Online

    Converting PDF to ePub online saves you from the hassle of installing any applications on your computer and also makes the book and application accessible from anywhere. What is ePub? The ePub(electronic publication) format is a standard eBook format recommended by The International Digital...
  13. mac555

    C# Ebooks help

    what are the good ebooks for learning c#
  14. kool

    eBooks.... from where i can get that..??

    Hi friends, i'm in 2nd year CSE branch (UPTU). I want eBooks on these Subjects: 1. DBMS 2. SOFT COMPUTING 3. COMPUTER ORGANISATION 4. AUTOMATA 5. MICROPROCESSOR Plz suggest me any website or torrent site.
  15. 24online

    Ebooks sites - official

    there are many ebook sites which provide free ebooks....but some are difficult to get.... sometimes, when searching ebook, free download link come first after buying site(official)..... i think, publishers may give support for marketing their books by providing free ebook copy....also original...
  16. C

    help needed on ebooks!

    can anyone help me to download computer related ebooks...other sites would be appreciated!!instead of rapidshare coz i dnt have an account!!help me computer geeks...waiting here!!chandal
  17. C


    guys!! i want u to help me...to download ebooks... where can i find almost anything kind of ebooks..and it shoudnt be using rapidshare...coz i dnt have account.... others site would be appreciated!!! help me u GENIUS!! chandal
  18. B

    I need ebook for mobile repair

    I need to study mobile phone servicing . If you have any free ebooks for complete details including software,hardware and smd rework stations .
  19. S


    plz help me.. i want following ebooks.... 1.microprocessors and interfacing by douglas hall 2.electronic communication systems by kennedy and davis 3.visual basic black book and by gary cornell....... i tried searching them but in vain....help me plz.....
  20. G


    Hi friends, is there any website that provides free programming ebooks? plz let me know. Thanks..
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